Authentic Indian Restaurant

1128 Commercial drive, Vancouver, BC

8 Seafood

Fish malabari(Dairy and Gluten free)14.95

A traditional fish curry from Kerala with roasted coconut, creamy coconut milk and  tamarind

Prawn Goan Curry (gluten free)$15.95

shelled prawns in a coconut, onion and turmeric curry then garnished with sweet spice flavors

Fish Masala (gluten free)$14.95

cod cooked with tomatoes and caramelized onions then garnished with ginger, garlic and black mustard

Prawn Makhani (gluten free)$15.95

shelled prawns in a rich, creamy, tomato and butter sauce

Prawn Vindaloo (dairy & gluten free)$15.95

shelled prawns cooked with toasted dried coconut, crushed tomatoes and onions in a rich sauce...