Authentic Indian Restaurant

1128 Commercial drive, Vancouver, BC

4.1 Vegetarian

Shahi Paneer(Gluten Free)$13.95

Indian soft ripened cheese(Paneer) in creamy tomato and butter sauce

Vegetable Makhni(Gluten Free)$13.50

Assorted Vegetables in creamy tomato and butter sauce

Dal Makhani (gluten free)$12.50

assortment of boiled lentils with butter, tomatoes, cumin, garam masala and garlic

Mattar Paneer(Gluten free)$12.95

peas and cheese cooked in a creamy onion and turmeric curry garnished with fenugreek leaves

Palak/Saag Paneer (gluten free)$12.95

paneer (cottage cheese) and pureed spinach cooked in a creamy onion curry with garlic

Navrattan Korma(Gluten free)$12.95

assortment of fresh vegetables cooked in a rich and creamy cashew, onion curry and turmeric...

Kofta Dil Bahar(Gluten free)$12.95

dumplings made with soft ripened cheese and mashed vegetables cooked in a tomato and butter...