Authentic Indian Restaurant

1128 Commercial drive, Vancouver, BC

4.2 Vegan

Vegetable Vindaloo (Dairy and Gluten free)$13.50

Assorted Vegetables in zesty, onion, coconut curry with vinegar

Vegetable Coconut(Dairy and Gluten Free)$13.50

Assorted Vegetables cooked in creamy coconut curry

Gobi Aloo (Dairy and Gluten free)$12.95

fresh cauliflower and potatoes cooked in a thick curry and flavored with coriander, ginger and...

Bombay Aloo (Dairy and Gluten free)$12.50

potatoes cooked with onions, cumin seeds and spices in a tomato sauce

Mix Veg Curry (Dairy and Gluten free)$12.95

Assorted vegetables in tomato & onion based curry flavored with cumin, paprika & masala

Vegetable Jalfrezi(Dairy and Gluten free)$12.95

assorted vegetables tossed with crushed tomatoes, cubes of onions and green peppers

Channa Masala (gluten free)$12.50

garbanzo beans cooked delicately with fresh onions, ginger and spices

Bhaigan Bharta (gluten free)$12.95

mashed tandoor roasted eggplant that is then peeled, pureed and cooked with onions, tomatoes, green...