Indian Cuisine

Basmati Rice: Sula Indian Restaurant Home Cookin’ Recipe + Tips Series

Rice, like pasta, is one of those items that seems as if it’s incredibly easy to put together but doesn’t always work out. Often it’s just a few really simple moves that can ‘make or break’ it. As food lovers and restaurateurs, we’re the first to say that it is just as important to make sure that the basics (rice, naan, even chai) are made right.

There’s nothing worse than hosting a fabulous dinner party and having clumpy rice, burnt naan, or watery chai take the spotlight away from the absolutely perfect curry you spent your afternoon making. To rescue you from any unnecessary kitchen train wrecks, Sula Indian Restaurant would like to step in and offer up are some tips.

Reasons why basmati is great:
  1. Basmati has long, thin pointed grains
  2. When cooked it’ super fluffy
  3. The taste is amazing


How to make it perfect:
  1. Determine how much you need, approx. ¼ cup rice per serving
  2. Amount of liquid required is double (ie. 1 cup rice, 2 cups water or stock)
  3. Use a large saucepan or frying pan, so the rice can be spread out
  4. Cook some onions with a bit of oil first
  5. Add rice once onions are cooked
  6. Stir lightly just enough to mix the rice in with the onions and oil
  7. Add liquid
  8. Cover with a lid and let cook, white rice takes about 15 and brown, 40 mins
  9. Once cooked, turn off heat and take a tea towel, wrap it around the lid and cover pan for 5 – 10 mins, the steam will be absorbed into the towel
  10. Fluff, don’t over mix because that is what will break the grain and make it sticky



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