Kofta Dil Bahar: veggie dumplings bathed in iconic butter sauce

To follow up on my comment the other day about how it feels as though it’s not really Winter in Vancouver right now and how it should be Spring, I take it all back. I could complain about the lovely coolness we’re currently experiencing but instead

For the love of a caramelized onion: Sula’s Secrets

Despite how there’s no snow outside, it’s actually lovely out and how, sometimes, we can sneak out without a coat, it’s still technically Winter (I feel like I’ve made note of this before). That soup/stew/heavy-warm dish you look forwar

Just cause it’s wicked cold outside… Mulligatawny Soup Recipe

It’s funny how I included, people are taken aback by how incredibly cold it is outside. ┬áThe other day a friend of mine commented on how Chinese New Year is supposed to coincide with a swap in the wardrobe for something less Winter-like. Albeit, it̵