Health Benefits of Indian Food

The Health Benefits of Chai

A longstanding staple in Indian culture, chai is an aromatic blend of tea, spices, and herbs that is packed full of powerful health benefits. Ingredients like cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, clove, and black pepper have been coveted for their ability to improve cardiovascular health, help with digestion and help lower blood sugar levels.

At Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, chai is a staple and we are always in search of the finest blends of chai to bring to our guests. Traditionally, chai has to be enjoyed on its own or with milk, cream, honey, or sugar, but we encourage our guests to drink to their own personal taste.

Chai Can Aid Digestion

Throughout many generations, people would typically drink chai after a meal because of its digestive boosting capabilities. Black pepper helps the body produce digestive enzymes,  ginger soothes the digestive tract and supports healthy digestion, and cinnamon stimulates the digestive tract.

Chai is a Natural Anti-Inflammatory

Many of the spices in Chai are well known for being powerful anti-inflammatory agents. Cloves and black pepper both help relieve general inflammation throughout the body and ginger can now be considered an alternative to nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs with its profoundly strong ability to fight inflammatory responses.

Chai is an Antioxidant Powerhouse

The main ingredient in chai, black tea, is full of antioxidants, has been shown to have anti-viral capabilities, and may even help the body fight off cancer cells. Black tea can also help promote cardiovascular health since it protects good cholesterol throughout the body.

The benefits of drinking chai are seemingly endless and at Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, we love to enjoy it and so do our guests. Visit us to learn more about the benefits of chai! Make a reservation online or contact us.

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