Indian Food in Vancouver

The History of Indian Cuisine

Indian cuisine is not one specific style of dishes and reflects over 5,000 years of interactions and diversification. It encompasses a variety of cooking methods, styles, and ingredients from a variety of regions throughout the country.

Indian food has also been very heavily influenced by religious and cultural changes throughout history and contact with other nations has brought different elements into the mix. Throughout history, colonial conquests and trading practices were a major factor in shaping Indian cuisine as it is known today.

The spice trade throughout India and Europe was a particularly influential practice that changed the dynamic food in India but also the rest of Europe and Asia. Encounters with the Portuguese also introduced ingredients like potatoes and chilies to Indian cooking.

Indian Food in Vancouver Restaurants

Throughout India, cooking styles vary depending on culture, geography, and economical status. Regions differ in their landscapes and proximity to water which changes their seasonal availability of fruits and vegetables. Regions closer to the sea tend to incorporate a lot of seafood in their dishes whereas those farther away use little to no seafood or meat.

As a result of migratory patterns and diasporic activity, Indian cultures have adopted and been influenced by the cooking styles of their new homes. This has created a multitude of fusion styles that bring a new twist to traditional methods.

At Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, we pride ourselves on creating dishes that are heavily influenced by traditional methods and rooted in methods that have been passed down through generations. Our mission is to provide the most authentic Indian cuisine available in Canada and we do this by using spices, ingredients, tools, and methods that are in line with tradition and that stray from fusion tendencies.

Our menu is designed to represent the dishes that we feel are the most embedded in Indian culture and that provide an authentic experience.  View our menu to learn more and make a reservation online to enjoy the tastes of Indian food at Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver!