Indian Cuisine|Indian Spices

Key Ingredients for the Best Indian Dish Flavours

Using the right ingredients is key to achieve the best flavors in authentic Indian cooking. These key ingredients include legumes, rice, spices, coconut, and tomatoes.


At Sula, we incorporate legumes and beans into many of our dishes. Legumes act as a high source of protein in our vegan options. Chickpeas are a staple in Indian cuisine and are used in our Channa Masala, Missi Roti, and as a batter in the Fish Pakora.


Rice is another staple in Indian cooking. Basmati rice is one of the most widely used rice options but Sula also uses brown rice. Rice is served with lamb, vegetables, coconut, mustard, and cilantro, and alongside fresh peas.


Spices are arguably the most important ingredient in all of the Indian cooking. Some of the primary spices used in our dishes include saffron, curry, and mustard seed. These can be found in many of our rice and seafood dishes. But of course, curry can be found in almost every dish!


Coconut is used in many different forms within Indian cooking. It can be used to batter-fried foods, used as flour, even toasted! Coconut milk is also used frequently. As a wheat flour substitute, coconut can transform a dish into a gluten-free option. This delicious food can be found in our Mulligatawny Soup, Coconut Chicken, Lamb Vindaloo, and many more of our dishes.


We incorporate tomatoes into dozens of our dishes. Tomatoes are quite versatile and can be made into a rich, savory sauce with onions, or a creamy butter sauce. Our Mix Veg Curry is made of assorted vegetables in a tomato and onion-based curry, flavored with cumin, paprika, and masala while our Prawn Makhani features shelled prawns in a tomato butter sauce.

Sula has vegan, gluten-free, non-vegetarian, and dairy-free options that include these key ingredients for the best flavors.

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