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Areta, the Foodgressing Food Blogger Visits Sula

We were happy to have Areta from Foodgressing Food Blog at Sula last Friday! And here’s what she had to say about her experience:

“Commercial Drive is full of interesting and unique eateries and that makes it an ideal destination for a gastronomic adventure. For those craving Indian food, Sula Restaurant at 1128 Commercial Drive is one place you do not want to miss. As a lover of Indian food, I was excited to try Sula Restaurant which has been open for seven years now and comes highly rated online with 4/5 stars on both Zomato and Yelp. Last week, we visited Sula Restaurant for dinner and tried a few of their offerings.

Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, BC - Foodgressing


Walking into the restaurant, you start to feel like you’ve entered a different sort of space. The well-appointed interior exudes a sort of coziness that makes you feel instantly at ease. The room is decorated with warm wood and gold tones along with beautiful Indian art pieces.

Authentic Indian Restaurant Sula - Vancouver Commercial Drive - Foodgressing

I love the small touches put into the decor like the silhouette of the Taj Mahal on one of the walls and the elephant design on the throw cushions.

Authentic Indian Restaurant Sula Vancouver - Interior - Foodgressing

And in the middle of the dining room, a small water feature with surrounding candle accents ensure a calm environment.

Traditional Indian Restaurant Sula Vancouver - Interior - Foodgressing


At Sula, you can expect authentic Indian food prepared using traditional methods of cooking. The menu features staple Indian curries, tandoori bread, and Indian rice preparations. There is something for everyone: meat lovers, vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, non-vegetarian, and dairy-free.

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Foodgressing


Disclosure: All food and drinks in this review were complimentary. Opinions are my own.

We started off with a unique appetizer, Tandoori Wings ($10.95). I impressed with the rich flavor and how tender and juicy the wings were. I would definitely recommend the tandoori wings as an appetizer.

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Tandoori Wings - Foodgressing

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Tandoori Wings with Lemon Juice - Foodgressing

Our main courses were Mattar Paneer ($12.95), Prawn Makhani ($15.95), Lamb Tikka ($14.95), and Spinach and Paneer Naan ($4.95).

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Indian Restaurant Vancouver - Foodgressing

One of the regular Indian curries I enjoy at least once a month is Mattar Paneer and Sula’s version was solid. Thick, flavourful curry made from peas and cheese cooked in a creamy onion and turmeric curry. The cheese cubes were bigger than the ones I have had elsewhere; they were wonderfully soft and delicious. I would go back to Sula for this dish.

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Indian Curry - Foodgressing

The Prawn Makhani was a slightly sweet and featured shelled prawns in a rich, creamy, tomato and butter sauce. The prawns were reasonably large and I enjoyed their tender texture.

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Indian Prawn Makhani - Foodgressing

The Lamb Tikka was also very flavourful. The tender lamb pieces were broiled with ginger, garlic, and tandoori spices.

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Lamb Tikka - Foodgressing

I loved Sula’s Spinach and Paneer Naan which had cottage cheese and finely chopped spinach filling. I personally have not dined at many Indian restaurants where they serve stuffed naan. The filling certainly added another dimension to the naan. I would definitely want to have this again from Sula.

Traditional Indian Food at Sula Vancouver - Spinach and Paneer Naan - Foodgressing


I enjoyed the rich, flavourful curries and the tender, juicy tandoori meat dishes at Sula. The deliciousness of the stuffed naan is something I want to revisit in the future. I would definitely want to dine at Sula again or order takeout from them. Rating: 4.5/5″

About Foodgressing:
The basic meaning of the latin root “-gress” is “to step.”  In conjunction with “food,” foodgressing to me means “moving towards food”.  As a result, I coined the term “foodgressing” to represent my constant search for my next great eat!

Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver also provides Indian food delivery and takeout. Sula is an authentic Indian restaurant that accepts online orders. Sula Wines from Gehringer Brothers Winery are also worth a look.