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Bitemevancouver Food Blogger Visits Sula Indian Restaurant

Sula Indian Restaurant is the best Indian food in Vancouver for a reason. Situated in the heart of Commercial Drive, you can find all the hearty, authentic Indian food your heart desires in one spot. I was invited to come and try Sula’s food and write about my overall experience. If you are bored of your usual favorites when going to eat out with your friends, try out this authentic Indian restaurant for a change!

With Taj Mahal wall art and Indian-inspired decoratives, the restaurant aesthetic helps complete the feel and overall experience of enjoying authentic Indian food. Walking into the restaurant, my friend and I were warmly greeted by a lady that quickly became our server. Her service was warm and wonderful.

Their drink menu has some classics such as a Mango Mojito which we tried not to finish quickly for photo purposes. It was light and refreshing, with fresh lime and mint added to it. There is a great range of non-alcoholic drinks as well, such as their Bhangra, a non-alcoholic version of the Mango Mojito; or the Mango Lassi, which is a smoothie that’s homemade with mango and cardamom spice (clearly I love anything mango so you can understand why I enjoyed all of these LOL).

If you are wanting to try something other than the usual Butter Chicken, try out the Lamb Pasanda. Pasanda means Cilantro, which gives this dish a brownish-green color. The flavors were superb and go deliciously with the spinach and paneer naan.

I hope you love tomatoes. The Chicken Tikka Masala is your #1 choice for chicken tomato curries. If you are a newbie like me, give this a shot. It’s a flavourful curry to dip into for those that need a bit of tomato goodness in their life. This Tikka Masala is rich with plenty of onion and tomato, and goes great with the Basmati rice that we had to accompany our dish.

The Fish Masala is a gluten-free dish that is a recommended alternative by me if you aren’t craving their superb curries. This Masala is codfish cooked with tomatoes, caramelized onions and a multitude of colorful vegetables. It’s garnished with light spices like ginger, garlic, and black mustard. The Fish Masala is literally sizzlin’, so make sure you take that Snapchat out for your story when it arrives 😉

Now let me tell you about their naan… their Spinach and Paneer Naan was warm, gooey and super soft! I ADORED this and was delighted to see that Sula has nine different types of bread to dip your curries and warm dishes into. Sula even makes Missi Roti, a gluten-free flatbread that is made with chickpeas.

Overall, I think you can sense by now that I am OBSESSED with Sula and they are my new #1 for Indian food, dine-in, or take-out. Make sure you give them a try 🙂 A question for my current and upcoming followers… What is YOUR favorite Indian dish?

Thank you so much for inviting me Katrina, and thank you to the managers Shar and Nitish for the accommodating service during our experience.

About bitemevancouver: My name is Clarissa, and I am an influencer based in Vancouver, BC. You can check me out on Instagram at @bitemevancouver.

Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver also provides Indian food delivery and takeout. Sula is an authentic Indian restaurant that accepts online orders. Sula Wines from Gehringer Brothers Winery are also worth a look.