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Have Your Special Valentine’s Dinner at Sula!

Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to enjoy quality time with our loved ones.

Here’s a bit of history. Today’s Valentine’s Day that we celebrate on 14th February, dates from the third century, the time of the Roman Empire. Emperor Claudius II forbade to soldiers to marry to prevent them to be tied to their family and, therefore, avoid going to war. All priests except one – called Valentin compiled the emperor’s command. This priest resisted to the Emperor’s decision and keep on marrying young couples secretly. After they discover this disobedience Valentin has been imprisoned, and on 14th February executed. Soon, he has been declared as a saint and lovers around the globe still celebrate this day of love every February every year.

Sula has romantic ambiance with warm dim lighting, exotic yet comforting interior, and a great selection of delicious flavourful food and cocktails to make your Valentine’s Day a truly memorable one.

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