Health Benefits of Indian Food

Health Benefits of Indian Food

Indian food provides a lot of health advantages since it’s low in fat and abundant in veggies, lentils, healthy grains, fruit, and lean meats. It’s known for its range of flavours and colours, as well as the incorporation of various spices and vegetarian, vegan, and non-vegetarian choices.

So, what defines a healthy Indian diet? Let’s have a look at the common components of an Indian diet to find out:

  • A broad range of veggies and fruits are abundant (spinach, carrots, eggplant, mango, etc.)
  • Spices and herbs such as ginger, garlic, and coriander are abundant.
  • Saturated fat is in low supply.
  • Vegetarian in nature.
  • Fiber, vitamins, and minerals are abundant in this dish.

Specific elements of an Indian diet provide a variety of health benefits.

Chickpeas, for example, which is frequently used in vegetarian curries, are high in fibre, zinc, folate, and protein, making them a nutritious addition to a vegetarian Indian diet. Superfoods such as spinach and tomatoes, which are commonly utilized in Indian cuisine, have high quantities of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

Many Indian sauces and accompaniments, such as Sag aloo (spinach) and Gobhi Aloo (cauliflower with potatoes), are vegetable-based, making them a healthier option because they don’t require cream or cheese.

The minty yogurt dip raita, prepared with natural yogurt, cucumber, and mint, is a low-fat alternative to condiments like mayonnaise and is a source of calcium.

Garlic, which is excellent for the heart, and chili peppers, which are beneficial for the immune system and metabolism, are both used extensively in Indian food.

Instead of butter, Indian recipes frequently utilize vegetable, sesame, and coconut oil, which keeps the saturated fat content low.

Finally, because Indian foods have such a strong flavour, a modest quantity may frequently satisfy taste receptors while consuming fewer calories. The diversity and brightness of Indian food make it fascinating, which is a healthy aspect of any meal since variety prevents boredom and overeating.

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