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Different Dinner Catering Ideas For Your Workplace

The simple act of offering overtime workers dinner will show just how much you value their time and effort spent on the company. While employees are committed to their work and values it, the company can offer a small gesture for such an act. So, if you are planning to give them something to cherish, you can consider a dinner party.

However, instead of going out, why not merely order in? You can get it delivered to your workplace from corporate catering in Vancouver. Having it delivered to your office means employees can focus on what they do and can stay productive and connected to the team.

So, you can contact our company for your celebration or directly just ordering in if you are feeling overworked. Here are some excellent ideas to keep in mind:

    1. Rice Specialties

Rice is an integral part of the meal. If you are planning on giving a full meal party, you can add in the rice to complete it. Ending everyone’s feed with delicious rice is undoubtedly a good idea!

Choose from the wide variety of rice provided by Sula Indian restaurant. It includes basmati rice, brown rice, vegetable biryani, lamb biryani and more variety of rice which cannot say no to. You can have it delivered to your workplace from one of the best corporate catering in Vancouver.

  2. Seafood     

Seafood seems like a great idea when you are in for some delicious snack. Divining into a fish masala or a shrimp dish or a plate of prawn will unquestionably satisfy your stomach. For your office celebration seafood is a perfect addition to every table.

Employees will love some great tasting seafood. Once you have severed this, your guest will be happy with their bellies full. Want something very luscious to opt for our prawn makhani! If you are still in the mood for something more, filling a fish Malabari can set you to rights!

  3. Vegan

Now let’s say that there are people in the office that are vegan and it’s required to consider their needs too. Accordingly, for them, you can order in channa saag which is dairy and gluten-free or aloo saag and many other items which are so good in taste. They are not only useful in taste but also full of fresh vegan ingredients which are healthy.

It serves the protein with a delicious dressing that you will not able to resist. From Sula Indian restaurant, you can have it delivered.

  4. Soups & Salads

If its winter season, why not opt for something more seasonal? Order warm and healthy food for your team. Get a few soups and salads to the stew to share and give your company a wide variety of dinner catering to choose from.

Here’s drool-worthy food to serve your staff members including shorba, mulligatawny soup or cucumber onion and tomato salad. Order in these large worthy salads and try greens, which makes a tasty delight in the cold winter air.

  5. Chicken Curries

Craving for a plate of the spicy meal? Go for chicken curry and get it delivered to your workplace within a few minutes. The delicious dish will make the right choice. Types like butter chicken, korma, saagwala, kadai and jalfrezi are made at Sula Indian restaurant.

This Cuisine is known for its spicy and full of the flavor of various flavors like black pepper or cloves. The cooking of chicken curries differs as per local tastes. For that, you can opt for the special chicken korma from our catering.

Food, drinks and good conversations are considered only unusual for business gatherings. Whatever the occasion might be, there are a variety of ideas accessible to make an outstanding party for your staff. All you have to do is to find an excellent corporate catering in Vancouver and rest will be handled by them.


Corporate dinner catering is relatively a simple and inexpensive idea to add up for the hard work of the staff. Providing them with some delicious, healthy dinner on a long day will boost up their productivity and morale. Have a look at few delicious healthy, easy to order and fun ideas for supper catering ideas.