Helpful Tips to Choosing The Right Catering Company

With so many catering companies in Vancouver to choose from, how can you be able to know which is the best one? Take a look at these tips on how to select the best catering service that fits your catering needs.

Preparing various selections of foods for a number of people could be really stressful. That’s why many people opt to hire a catering service or a ‘caterer” as it can make things a lot easier and less stressful for them.

From great amateur cooks to established companies, from fixed menus to a variety of food choices, a lot of catering services have emerged to deliver the need for excellent food preparation for various special occasions. Catering services in Vancouver has also become more accessible nowadays. In fact, they are just one call away from those people who need their services.

With so many catering companies in Vancouver to choose from, how can you be able to know which is the best one? Take a look at these tips on how to select the best catering service that fits your catering needs.

1. Know What You Want

This is where most people make a mistake when choosing a caterer. A lot of people do not precisely know what they want in the first place. Before choosing a caterer, you must know your needs and preferences first – what food fits your event’s theme, how much you are willing to spend for the catering service, and how the catering in downtown Vancouver should turn out on the day of your event. You cannot simply ask something you have no idea about and consider having a caterer only for the sake of having food.

2. Look for Reviews or Feedbacks

Expect the unexpected? Definitely. Today, catering services market their business on commercials, print media, and most importantly on social media. It is easy for you to choose when you are able to know how the company has served their past clients and how they were able to deliver their service. And in social media, you get to see the transparency. Doing your part in researching what the company is good at and what they are bad at will help you in eliminating the chances of choosing a bad caterer.

3. Inquire and Ask for Quotation

The part where you have to ‘feel’ the company is by the time you approach them (by call or in person) and inquire for their services. This may sound funny, but this is actually to measure how pleased the company is in accepting another customer and how they see it as another opportunity to render their service. This is your chance to ask questions you have in mind as well as to know the cost of your desired catering outcome and how they are able to deliver it.

4. Tasting

If you are given the opportunity to do food tasting, don’t hesitate! Tasting is where the company showcases what they can provide you to the best of their abilities. But it doesn’t always mean that their ‘best’ is your cup of tea. It is very important to once again know what you want to be able to bring taste to the test.

Compare and Contrast

5. Compare and Contrast

Weigh your scales. Catering service providers differ in many ways – from the menu they offer to their prices or rate, from the customer service they provide to the food they can prepare, and everything in between. The best catering in North Vancouver have these characteristics

  • The company can offer a package that fits your budget.
  • The company is friendly and is willing to listen to every concern you have and addresses it to the best of their ability.
  • The company is able to provide the food you want.
  • The company can deliver your desired service outcome.

6. List Down Caterers to Consider

There are a lot (really a lot) of services to choose from. You can have one after browsing social media pages, or after people from work gave you their recommendations. There are established restaurants and companies with solid years of experience and there are also amateur catering providers. Some amateur catering providers only have minimal experience in the catering industry but they are able to make great food from the heart of their homes, making them stand out and shine.

You can either let a friend who is gifted with a great cooking talent do the food preparation or let an experienced one handle the work for you. It is important to list and draft possible choices and select those providers who are likely to meet your requirements. Narrow down your options by following the tips above so it would be easier for you to choose the best one.


7. Consultation

There will always be last-minute problems a couple of days before your event, and choosing the best catering service means working hand in hand to address the concern. Being able to establish a good relationship with the company during your inquiry stage makes everything under control. Consult your chosen caterer for them to deliver the greatest service for you. This may also be a great time for last minute clarifications.

8. Evaluation

After all the fun, the good food and service the caterer has delivered to your gathering, always leave your honest feedback. Some companies require you to submit an evaluation form to ask ways of improvement. Some are letting their clients post reviews, suggestions, and recommendations to their official social media page for other interested customers to see.

If you are happy and satisfied with the service you received, be generous enough to leave honest feedback for other people to consider the next time they provide the service. Our opinions matter to those who’d like to prepare the greatest meal, to the greatest people, on the greatest occasion of their lives.