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Avoid these 8 Mistakes to Ace Your Catering Game at Your Event!

If you are hosting a party, be it a small event, or a wedding reception party, you want to make sure all goes well. The decor, ambiance, venue, and most importantly, food! It all has to fall in place. The party is somewhat surrounded by food and the catering services you hire. Guests tend to get happier with quality premium food served to them. If you wish to throw a successful party, plan it around the catering services you hire.

And if it’s your first time, you are prone to make these rookie mistakes while hiring a catering service in Vancouver. Read on to find out what are they and how you can avoid them:

1. Choosing the services based on the prices

Although it can be tempting to go for the caterers that charge lesser, before hiring them, you should think about how they can afford to charge such low prices. Some catering companies are new to the business and inexperienced; they haven’t yet learned what it takes to provide high-end services. And some companies are barely concerned about customer satisfaction. So the whole point is if you go cheap, you will get cheap.

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2. Overlooking the laws

This is the most common rookie mistake people often make. In the hassle of all the arrangements and organizing the event, people often overlook the need to check if the catering service provider holds a license. If you are providing alcohol in the event, then you must check if the caterers hold a license to cater the same. Check with the venue as well if they allow you to serve such substances. You do not want your event to shut down by the liquor board or your venue rejecting you for the same.

3. Your Guests’ preferences

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Guests’ preferences are going to be your deciding factor while finalizing the caterer. In that case, you have to make a list of guests and consider their preferences. While doing so, you can either reach out to them and record their individual preferences if any. You could have guests who are vegetarian, vegan, lactose intolerant or any other dietary restrictions. You have to be clear about the needs of your guests so you can collaborate with the caterer accordingly and see if they are willing to accommodate them.

4. Lack of Communication

You will have to communicate well with your caterer about every little detail. Review everything in painful detail without signing a contract. Communicate with the service provider or manager about the dishes that will be served during the event. Get an adequately organized list of menus, see if that is how you want it to be, ask them if they customize dishes or not. Ask well about the service, will there be waiters serving food to guests or a buffet? Does your pricing include dessert and beverages? Make sure you sign them only when they meet your expectations and pledge to keep their word.

5. Skipping the research part

Go overboard when it comes to the research. We live in an era of information where all the information is just a click away, use it. Go to the search engines, search for the kind of services you are looking for and where can you get them! Read reviews online and see to find out what was missing in their respective events you will get a whole lot of ideas from that. You might have attended many events in the past. Why not ask your family and friends for the recommendation.

6. Choosing without tasting the food

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It is evident that planning a party or any event is going to be a hectic task you might miss out on little things that matter. While choosing the catering services, do not overlook the need for tasting the food. Tasting your food is an absolute must before hiring the catering companies in Vancouver or anywhere.

7. Considering the requirement of the event

Every event is different and demands its own kind of arrangements. Each one varies in terms of theme, style, decor, and ambiance. The catering company you hire must be willing to go the extra mile to understand your event inside out. They must consider every detail and should not mind making any small on-spot changes if required. There are different kinds of catering services in Vancouver where you can choose based on what you prefer, or the type of event you are organizing. These include wedding caterers, corporate caterers, full-service caterers, drop-off service caterers, concession caterers, and so forth.

8. Considering the quality of the food

This is the most important factor you can’t afford to miss out. Excellent quality food is undoubtedly the first thing you are looking for in a catering service. An ideal choice of catering service should be the ones that use the freshest ingredients sourced from reputed markets, follows hygiene practices, and has excellent staff making lip-smacking food. You should also choose a caterer based on a wide variety of food menus, and that is updated with the latest food trends, so the guests don’t find the food dull or boring.

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You can easily get caught up in the work involved in planning the event and overlook the services that your hired caterers provide. People tend to make these rookie mistakes. Create a detailed list prior to the event while planning and check it one by one to ensure you have covered everything you had in your mind. This will also avoid the hassle that comes with all the event planning.

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