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How to save money on wedding Catering: 7 QUICK TIPS

Weddings aren’t cheap, there is a long list of what to buy at your weddings, such as a photographer, reception venues, bridal party attire, veil, and much more. Catering bill is one of those areas where your budget can be stretched. If you are looking for a way to save at wedding catering in Vancouver, read on to find out the tips.

The cost can go overboard if you are not careful with delicious meals, desserts, drinks, and other estimates. So, how to deliver the best catering in Vancouver for your guests without spending more than you want? Research through which meal you want at your wedding reception.

On the other hand, have a look at some tips and tricks to help you trim down your catering:

1. Don’t serve a traditional meal

Including all drinks, three-course meals, soups, appetizers, and a wedding cake is more than plenty of food for your guest. So, instead of ordering this much food, why not go for food which they will relish.

If you are going for expensive courses for your wedding reception, opt for a simple menu instead. One of the best ways is to serve depending upon the time of the day your wedding is. If you have a wedding reception in the morning, you can opt for a brunch.

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2. Limit your Hors D’oeuvres

The plethora of delicious hors-d’oeuvres is not necessary for your guests to snack. In general, you don’t need more than two bits to serve your guests before the meal. It’s common for you to choose such delicious bites, but you can save a little by selecting the top two favorites.

Appetizers can be offered during cocktail hour. Providing something for your guest to nibble on, nevertheless saving the extra expense is possible too. Snack your guests over a maximum of three prepared appetizers.

3. Simplify the Main Course

There is no need for providing a variety of three entrees for your wedding reception. When you are on a tight budget, make sure to choose wisely on your main course meal. Having everything course served for your day is no brainer.

Alternatively, you should opt for one great meal that is delicious with a couple of side dishes that will satisfy everyone. To stay within your budget, you can ask your caterer to create one appealing main course and one diet-specific choice.

4. Add food stations

Cater to your crowd with inexpensive food stations to your reception. Add two to three delicious platters included in the main course meal. It will impress your guests. Having tasty prawns to butter chicken, whichever you prefer, ensures that your guests enjoy it. The trend of food stations in wedding catering services has attracted many people as it eases the overall management as well as makes the ceremony look quite attractive.

Keep in mind to limit the main course you serve. Stick with salad and some entrees and serve your wedding cake.

5. Read the Itemized list

Before signing the contract for your wedding catering in Vancouver, make sure to go through the list, line by line. You will be surprised at what you find that can be unnecessary, or you might have repeated something.

You can even ask the caterer to help you with your list to minimize the spend, or you can eliminate it together.

6. Minimize staff needed

One of the most natural ways you can cut down the cost of your catering bill, is to take a look at how many servers are there? Take a close look at the chefs or staff assigned to your wedding event on the invoice. You can ask your caterer if there is any way to cut down the costs.

7. Research Ingredient Costs

You don’t need to know everything about your entire menu. However, it can help you to have a general sense of the cost of various types of fish and vegetables. The more you know about the different dish costs the entirely composed menu options you will equip. You will be able to negotiate menu pricing or take out the costly items.

You might end up saving much more than you thought if you go through this once. It is as simple as keeping your cost at bay. So, are you going to use any of these above tips to aid cut down on your catering bill? What do you think according to your most effective advice?

On the other hand, when you opt for our catering services, you will be provided with all the information beforehand. Thus, it will make your process much easy.


After allocating the funds for the venue, entertainment, and decor, ‘don’t forget about the other essentials like food and drinks. Keep in mind the catering expenses can quickly add up. However, there are a few tips and tricks to your diet in budget without letting your guests go hungry.

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