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You Cannot Escape These Delicious Starters At Any Indian Wedding

No occasion is complete without starters; in fact, it all starts with the starters. The food trends and international dimensions are sizzling up the wedding menus these days. If you are an Indian food lover staying back at Vancouver, fret not for we have got you covered. When it comes to authentic Indian food, we at Sula make sure every detail is taken care of, be it with the spices we use or the ingredients we add. We understand how important it is for you to feel at home and keep your Indian palates satisfied with desi food at weddings.

Regardless of your wedding decor, everything will go unharmed until you please your guests with their taste buds and provide them with a memorable culinary experience.

The Vancouver BC catering services are efficient enough to satisfy you with the flavorsome Indian dishes to spice up your evenings a bit at Indian weddings.

Check out this list of delicious Indian starters served at weddings:

1. Samosas

Veg Samosa

Samosas are the popular snack of Indian households. It is served with different stuffing; we bet you can’t escape this one stall at any wedding serving Indian cuisine. Samosas are often deep-fried, but they can even be baked, making it healthier and lighter. Generally served with different chutneys and even chickpea curry in some cases.

2. Chilli wings

chicken wings

We all love chicken, and when you get it dipped in a spicy batter, it tastes 100 times better. Chicken wings are marinated in special sauce and then deep-fried to make it even more crispy. You will be pleased by this mouth-watering dish to the core. Chilli wings will be apt for satisfying your taste buds until the main course is served. Chill/chicken wings’ crisp and spice will leave you wanting it even more.

3. Papdi chaat

papri chaat

Papdi chaat is traditional Indian street food, originally comes from North India. It is a yummy snack assorted with a crunchy base of papdi (crisp puris), topped with lip-smacking chutneys, veggies and curd. In different recipes, it is even topped with potatoes, onions, chickpeas, chutneys, curd and spices.

4. Onion Bhajia

onion bhajia

Onion bhajias are great to have as a snack; in Indian dishes, they are even served as a side dish. They are dipped in a batter made from gram flour and then deep-fried. These crispy balls filled with onion will surely satisfy your taste buds until your dinner is served.

5. Vegetable Pakoras

vegetable pakora

Vegetable pakoras are fritters made with an amalgamation of vegetables. There is no specific recipe to make this type of pakodas; different vegetables are added to the batter for the texture and flavour. The vegetable pakoras are deep-fried and at the same time, healthy.

6. Paneer Pakora

paneer pakora

Paneer pakora is a crispy snack made from paneer and gram flour as the main ingredients. The secondary ingredients may vary depending on the people who cook them. However, the basic paneer pakora does consist of paneer as the main ingredient — another must-try Indian snack, which won’t disappoint you at Indian weddings.

7. Gol Gappa

A wedding menu is incomplete without having gol gappa on the starters list. Gol Gappa has every Indian’s heart, and we love it to the core. It is a must-have, even the guests attending the wedding must be looking forward to having it on the menu.


You can expect to see the embodiment of the country’s heritage and rich culture in the menu of Indian weddings. Indian wedding’s host aims to ensure that the guests leave satisfied and full from their weddings. Nothing could feel more accomplishing than finding Indian wedding food abroad.  Taste them out by ordering at home before you book us.