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Misconceptions About Indian Food That You Must Know

Indian Food is widely known for its spices and delicious taste. You can find authentic Indian food in many parts of the world and especially in Vancouver at Sula Indian. Its rich aromas and diverse flavors make it popular among the food lovers no matter what country they are from.

But apart from that Indian food is highly misunderstood. People believe that Indian food is always hot and spicy, oily, rich and fatty. You might even get the notion that cooking Indian dishes is challenging and time-consuming. However, these are misconceptions.

Just like any other cuisine in the world, Indian food is varied. There are spicy, mild, complex dishes and others which are instant to cook. Learn about the widely common beliefs and don’t let any of these myths keep you from enjoying Indian cuisine to the fullest. To the people of Vancouver and around , you should once visit Sula and will able to burst the bubble of myths, thoroughly enjoying traditional Indian food

1. Every Indian food is Hot and Spicy 

Even though India is well known for its spices, there is no need to forgo the cuisine just because you may be worried about the tangy taste. Not all Indian food is immersed in a large assortment of spices. In fact, the taste of food is enhanced when one or two ingredients are added. These spices can be adjusted accordingly and you can tone it down when needed for more milder versions of Indian restaurant offers.

sulas chat platter

2. Indian Food is Unhealthy and Fatty

Indian food is alike to other dishes. It is what you choose to make of it. You can choose to make it as nutritious as you want it to or as much oil as you want. This cuisine takes great pride in the tradition of using fresh ingredients and vegetables, thus which makes it even healthier. There is certain Indian takeout which might have grease on the top of it, that doesn’t make it unhealthy.

You can cut down the oils used in cooking and relish the dishes as you want. Interestingly enough, Indian food has medicinal value found in various herbs and spices, making it nourishing. 

3. Indian Recipes are Complicated 

Many Indian dishes are simple to cook than you may believe. Try a hand at cooking it in your kitchen you may get surprised at how it easy it turned to be. Some recipes like mutter paneer, tandoori chicken are easy effortless to cook. There are a lot of dishes which however are hard to prepare, despite that many of these dishes can be cooked without much of an effort. Some dishes only takes 10 minutes to make and they are a yummy appetizer.

Chicken Biryani

4. All Indian Food contains curry Powder 

Curry is often considered a type of ingredient that is used in every Indian meal. However, that is not all true. Curry is actually a broad term used for a variety of dishes that are diverse and different in taste. It is a combination of different spices picked from the different regions of Hindustan. Each mixture will be modified depending on the cook and the recipe. These special blends are not used in the preparation of every Indian dish, they are sometimes only added to a certain platter to magnify the flavor.

5. Indian dish is Rich and Diet-busting 

How much rich is the Indian cuisine depends upon the dish you picked. It entirely depends upon what you choose. No doubt there are various rich flavored sweets such as shahi tukra, jalebi, Gulab Jamun and others. It entirely is based on the platter you picked. Given how tempting Indian dishes are, you should your preferences accordingly.

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These are some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to Indian food. Be it using the same curry powder, fatty oils, or spicy food, these are myths which you should not be believed. Apart from all these myths, Indian cuisine is known for its richness in mouth-watering taste all over the world. You can today, try it anywhere you are in the world. The Indian platter is famous everywhere.

Even when you are looking for Indian restaurants in Vancouver BC you can easily locate it. Visit Sula Indian to satisfy your craving for Indian food.


Indian cuisine is well known in many parts of the world. The richly flavored dishes are not available in Vancouver. For those who are looking for Indian food in Vancouver can experience the delectable at Sula Indian Restaurant. Don’t let these misconceptions stop you from experiencing the appetizing dishes.