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Interesting Food Trends to Look Out for in 2020

Trends evolve with each passing year and so does the industries that bring such prominent changes in the market. In the food industry, there’s going to be some of the predictable changes for sure in form of food trends. Here’s what 2020 holds in the food industry:

1.Milk alternatives

There’s going to be a sufficient amount of milk alternatives in this new decade. The supermarket aisles are going to be filled with those; whether it be milk made from almond, cashew, soy, peanut, hazelnut, coconut and the list goes on. Picking the alternative comes down to the individual consumer’s choice. Since people are turning vegan they are ditching dairy products that have been promoting these alternatives to grow. Being in the market for a long, these products have reached many even non-vegans and impressed them enough to influence their choices this year.

2.Vegan Ice Creams

Since people are turning vegan and inclining more towards dairy-free products, it is no surprise that you will even get to see dairy-free ice creams this year. This will also result in an increase in growing plant-based milk production globally. The rising awareness about health issues due to the consumption of lactose is expected to fuel the growth of the vegan ice cream industry as well.

3.Coffee-based cocktails

This one is going to be a new sensation this year, coffee-based cocktails! The coffee-based cocktails make the perfect blend of refreshment and caffeine in a single drink. Both alcoholic and non-alcoholic coffee-based drinks are making their way to set a trend this year as per The Culinary & Cocktails Trend Forecast. You will get to see drinks like espresso martini, espresso tonic and nitro cold brew in the menus.


As we roll into 2020, the cauliflower trend is here to stay. The carbs-packed vegetable is going to be even more popular during 2020. Be prepared to see more cauliflower dishes in the menus this year even the pizzas will feature cauliflower along with other intriguing recipes that creative chefs will come up with. Because of its versatility, it can be adapted to many Indian traditional dishes as well; by your favorite Indian restaurants in Vancouver. Cauliflower stands out with its ability to soak up any flavors you are cooking it with.


This year, you will get to see Flexitaranianism encouraging consumers to seek meat alternatives and make actual meat; an occasional thing. We are entering a new decade where there’s not only vegan and vegetarians who are turning to plant-based products. Flexitarianism allows you to make your choice to cut down on the amount of meat you consume by limiting the consumption to only occasions.

6.Switching sugar

The trend of conscious healthy eating has sparked among the consumers these past few years which prompts many companies to produce more sugar-free products. The amount of sugar added to the products is decreasing drastically across the board, which then leads to an increase in sweeteners and sugar alternatives on the market.


The next decade is going to result in the high growth of the global ginger market. Since consumers are inclining more towards healthy food items ginger pretty much makes it to the list of new food trends. Ginger is a versatile ingredient that is used in many different recipes and more demanding due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Ginger is known to treat various infections as well such as cough, cold and ulcers. Do not hold yourself back from trying the ginger-loaded dishes in top restaurants in Vancouver, BC and make your meals more healthy.


Garbanzo beans cooked delicately with fresh onions, ginger and spices

In Summary

The food trends of 2020 are here to shift your perspective on (Indian) food and open doors for more food exploration. This year will surely promise an indulgence into healthier choices and some outstanding innovations by the experts.

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