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Indian Food Equivalents For American Favorites

Indian food is a lot of vegetables and spice, whereas American food is lots of potatoes and meat. Both cuisines have been influenced by several different tangs.

American immigrants have blended their own flavors to create individual cuisine, it is known. While, Indian cuisine was invaded by Asiatic, Mughal, and Europeans, lastly by British. Naturally, they have left a hint of their tastes in Indian flavors and resulting in a lip-smacking array of delicious dishes.

But have you thought even though the dishes of these two countries use diverse flavors yet how similar their cuisines and flavor are? Like if you love hamburgers, you are definitely going to love these Indian cuisine equivalents.

These cuisines have a lot in common, more than you know. So, if you are looking for an American dish with a hint of Indian taste or vice versa you can choose Sula Indian restaurant in Vancouver BCWe recommend the below platters from the Sula restaurant menu for American food lovers.

1. Chicken Nuggets = Chicken Pakora

If you savor chicken nuggets, you are gonna love chicken pakora, authentic Indian food available at Sula Indian. It is an Indian equivalent of your favorite restaurant-style chicken nuggets, strips, or poppers. Chicken pakora includes chicken pieces coated with the tikka masala paste and with garbanzo batter and deep fry. It is one of the best platters for dipping and sharing.

What are you waiting for? Try our chicken pakora platter today!

2. Fish & Chips = Fish Pakora

Fish & chips are similar to fish pakora. The cubes of cod are coated with garbanzo batter and fried just like your favorite dish fish and chips. So, it’s no lie, that if you love the American dish you will love the Indian version of it. With many spices included in the platter, you will relish the delicious fish pakora.

Next time when you visit an Indian restaurant in Vancouver BC, don’t forget to try out this lip-smacking cookery.

3. Garlic Bread = Garlic Naan

Naan with minced garlic
Garlic Naan: Sula Indian Restaurant, Vancouver

Try out garlic naan, just like garlic bread it tastes like mouth-watering garlic with spices. It is a warm, gooey Indian bread that is guaranteed to get you hooked if you are a bread lover. Generally, naan is savored with sabzis, but this naan can also be savored alone. You can get your naan stuffed or seasoned or plain to use it for dipping, or wrapping with Indian sabzi. Relish the delicious Indian bread today.

4. Cheese Curds = Mutter Paneer

Mutter paneer is a twin of cheese curd. Paneer is also known as a type of cheese. It is often known as cottage cheese. Paneer is a domestic form of cheese made which tastes like paneer. So, when cooked with green peas and curry sauce it will taste lip-smacking. Especially when you are a cheese lover, you will dig this dish.

5. Pot Pies = Samosas

Vegetable Samosa Served at the Top Indian restaurant in Vancouver, BC

If you like pot pies, you will love samosas. The Indian dish samosa is basically a hand-held potpie that is filled with a variety of delicious filters such as potatoes, peas, spices, and vegetables. You can savor the platter with chutneys for dipping in the samosas.

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6. Kabobs = Tandoori

It is hard to find anyone who doesn’t loves kabobs. Similar to that you will savor tandoori because it’s the same as kabobs.

The Indian tandoori dish is made in the oven. It provides a technique of cooking that creates similar flavors to barbecuing, but cooks from 360 degrees in a clay oven rather than one side at a time. And the meats and vegetables are cooked kabob-style and served with rice, sauces, and Indian spices. You can browse through our menu to find your favorite tandoori dish at Sula Indian.

7. Cheesecake = Ras Malai

Lastly, we will end the list with dessert. Just like cheesecake, ras malai is one delicious sweet which you will love. Ras malai is known as “cheesecake without the crust”. It is the most delicious Indian dessert made from homemade cheese and simmering milk cream flavored with different spices.

These are some resembling dishes of American food to Indian dishes. There are many other delicacies prepared and sometimes tastes like. Contrary to popular opinion, you will find that most people in India do understand and speak splattering English at least.

Most of the western culture includes meat and so does America. But you can now relish these dishes in similar tastes in Indian cuisines. So, what are you waiting for? Visit Sula to savor Indian authentic food or order some at home.