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Reasons Why Indian Seafood has become so popular all over the World

An Overview of Indian Seafood

India’s seafood has become one of the top leading suppliers of quality seafood to over 100 countries across the globe. Even when you are looking for an Indian seafood restaurant in Vancouver, you can drop by at Sula Indian Restaurant. We provide a variety of pleasing food made from Indian spices themselves.

Indian seafood is well-known for its processing plants that follow quality control regimes compliant which has transformed India to 3rd largest fish producer, second largest aquaculture producer and fourth-largest seafood producer of the world.

Furthermore, India is blessed with a long coastline which results in seafood becoming a staple food in its coastal regions. A variety of platters like sea bass, Indian Mackerel, pomfret, Malabar and many other fishes are found in India. Indian seafood is known for its rich gravy and aromatic spices, its menu is as varied as its culture. Therefore, the seafood here can please even the pickiest eaters.

Places like Goa, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra is the main source of seafood delicacies that can be found. India is indeed a home to the most satisfying seafood.

So, treat your taste buds with these most flavorful Indian seafood curries:

1. Tandoori Fish

Tandoori fish is a portion of yummy food from the Indian subcontinent that makes the vibrant appearance in bright orange or red color. It comes along with some grilled onions and peppers, making it look extremely appetizing. When you take a bite of it you will love the delicately succulent wonders of the cheese-filled fish.

Especially when you feel like devouring something spicy and satisfying, you should surely give tandoori fish a try.

2. Prawn Goan

Prawn Goan is a perfect dish to make you feel “aha” at its first bite. The goan is made out of fish and coconut in the food as they are available naturally. You can relish this dish with not only with prawns but also with a shark or any other fish as well. The prawn goan is one of the best dishes which you unmistakably savor and in case you are looking for something unique try out prawn curry.

If you fancy fish then this is something that you should try.

3. Fish Malabari

Malabari Fish Curry

This is a delicious Indian seafood dish that has a somewhat watery consistency. You can find fish Malabari when looking for Indian food in VancouverThe dish mixes well with rice. Its curry is made using tamarind water, coconut milk, turmeric and finely shredded coconut. You can savor the platter best when mixed with steamed rice and served with lime pickle and eggplant sauce.

4. Mangalorean Prawn Sukka

Prawn sukkah is one of the well-known dishes that can be found in a restaurant in Vancouver BC. It is a coastal seafood delicacy from Mangalore and is usually toiled with plain rice or neer dosa.

The dish is a bright orange, spicy and tangy prepared with fresh coconut and dry red chillies. It is also known as “Yetti Sukka” or “Yetti Ajadina” in Tulu.

5. Prawn Vindaloo

Prawns in Vaindaloo Curry
Prawn Vindaloo

Try out the famous Goan-Portuguese dish which tastes mouth-watering when at Sula Indian. It’s a meal that tastes better as it ages just like a pickle. The ingredients like meat, chicken, pork or prawns along with vinegar, garlic and palm vinegar makes it more delicious. The cuisine is made with a variety of spices and a good amount of chilly combined to make a vindaloo paste. Thus, you can relish the prawns with it.

6. Prawn Makhani

A classic Indian prawn makhani is all you need if you are looking to eat something buttery and spicy. The prawn makhani is made with yogurt and lime juice marinated shrimp cooked in butter and tomato curry. It is a delicious medium spicy sauce and is one of the most popular dishes that you can locate at Sula Indian seafood restaurant. 

You can even enjoy prawn makhani gluten-free in a rich and delicious tomato and butter and cream sauce.

7. Fish Masala

Cod in tomato, caramelized onions curry finished with ginger, garlic and black mustard
Fish Masala: Sula Indian Restaurant

Fish masala is used to prepare with sole cooked in tomatoes and Indian spices. Alternatively, it is prepared using cod, snapper, or catfish. If you love savoring fish, all you have to do is order fish masala at Sula Indian, the next time when you are here. It is a perfect match for you with sweet coconut milk and mildly spicy curry.

There is an option available gluten-free and dairy-free, you can make a choice accordingly.

It is no doubt Indian food has built an influence on many nations all over the world, including seafood. There are a variety of dishes to try to relish Indian seafood. Seafood is generally known for its unique flavors and is cooked in a variety of ways. Several varieties of fishes are available here in Vancouver BC directly from the coastal regions of the country that are used for preparing mouth-watering curries. Unquestionably, Indian seafood brings an inexhaustible source of delight to the taste buds and you can order it from Sula.