Indian Cuisine

About Sula Indian Restaurant & Frequently Asked Questions About Indian Cuisine

Sula Indian restaurant is an award-winning Indian restaurant in Vancouver. It is known for serving authentic spicy aromatic Indian curries, tandoori meats and veggies with Naans and Rotis (Indian Bread). The chefs at Sula Indian Restaurant serve carefully crafted recipes natively from Indian states like Maharashtra, Rajasthan, West Bengal, Goa, Karnataka, Kerala, and Chennai.

Order different dishes at Sula but we assure what doesn’t change here is the care and vibe that goes into making every dish, and the service will always be the same. Alongside the delicious food, we even serve refreshing cocktails, draft, local, international and Indian wines, local and international beers, spirits and homemade non-alcoholic drinks.

Sula also offers a cozy and warm space to enjoy your meals. Visiting Sula will give you a homely and welcoming feeling. Create a perfect vibe for your dinner by booking our gorgeous candlelit dining room that consists of several water features, plants, and colorful fishes. The elements that we have chosen for our setting will relax you to the core and help you unwind.

Dine out Vancouver At Sula

Sula is one of the top Indian restaurants in Vancouver, here, we take you on a culinary journey to different states and regions of India. We are about offering food to every guest from vegan, meat-eaters, vegetarian, spicy & non-spicy eaters and even to dairy and gluten intolerant.

Frequently asked questions about Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver –

1. Where are you Located?

A. We are located at 1128 Commercial Drive, Vancouver, BC, Canada, V5L3X2.

2. How can I contact you?

A. You can call us on +16042151130 or email us at

3. What are your hours of Operation?

A. We are open for:

Dinner: Every day from 5:00 PM to 10:30 PM

Last Seating/Takeaway/Home Delivery: 9:15 PM, Door closes at 10:30-45 PM

Lunch: Monday to Friday 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM

4. Do you take online reservations?

A. Yes, we are open to taking online reservations. Just go to our website and book your table instantly and get more information on our reservation policy.

5. What services do you offer?

A. We offer food delivery and catering services.

6. Can I make online orders?

A. Yes we have built-in online ordering links on our website, visit our website to know more or you can visit – Order  Food Online from Sula Indian Restaurant In Vancouver.

7. How fast do you deliver?

A. That depends on a few factors like the distance of your location, traffic outside, snowing outside, and so forth. However, the average time we take is approximately 45 minutes which could fluctuate. Either way, if it’s going to take more than 60 minutes we will call you.

8. How can I pay for my orders?

A. We accept cash and all major debit & credit cards. Our delivery boys will be carrying a bank machine with them as well to process the payment upon delivery.

About Indian Food

It is a myth that Indian food is all about spice, the Indian culinary art is vast and it never fails to intrigue the food explorers from around the world. Indian cuisine is a perfect blend of taste and health at the same time. Traditional Indian food comes from our ancestors. Our ancestors used to believe that our kitchens have a cure for any illness, for instance, they used turmeric as an antibiotic for injuries.

There’s an astonishing intricacy in the flavor profiles of Indian dishes, be it the simplest snacks or elaborate of the occasional feast in the diversity of all regional and local versions of Indian cuisine. As you may notice, Indian cuisine is a blend of ancient traditions and centuries of global influences and the dynamics of contemporary trends altogether. Indian cuisine showcases ingredients and preparation techniques of centuries and edged according to various religious beliefs too.

Some frequently asked questions about Indian food:

1. What is unique about Indian cuisines?

A. What makes Indian cuisines unique is their perfectly balanced blend of flavors. The Indian spices are popular around the world for their uniqueness, they add a whole new dimension to the native dishes making dishes warm and homely.

The different masalas (spices) serve a different purpose in Indian dishes, such as garam masala adds a unique aroma to the dishes and other spices and herbs like cumin, turmeric, cloves, mint, coriander, saffron, curry leaves etc. add to the taste of appetizing dishes.

2. What dishes does an authentic Indian restaurant offer?

A. An authentic Indian restaurant’s menu typically consists of some totally finger-licking starters like Onion Bhajia, Pakoras, Samosas, Chaat, Tandoori Chicken and so forth. The main course would comprise some of the popular Indian dishes like Kadai Paneer, Dal Makhani, Palak Paneer, Mattar Paneer, etc. in veg and Butter Chicken, Chicken tikka masala, Rajasthani Lamb Masala, etc in Non-veg.

Try the above-mentioned dishes only at Sula Indian Restaurant to experience the flavors of India in Vancouver Bc.

3. What does a typical Indian Meal consist of?

A. A basic traditional Indian meal is incomplete without its core, Roti (whole-wheat flatbread) or Dal (a lentil bases stew) & rice. The combination of vegetable dishes usually accompanies these basic elements and sometimes a few garnishes like chutneys, relishes and pickles add up as condiments. The flavors of Indian meals tend to cover a full spectrum with spicy, sour, sweet and sometimes bitter notes in a balanced proportion.

So head to Sula Indian restaurant in Vancouver to try out this extremely palatable treat.