Indian Cuisine

Indian Food 101: Your Guide To The Sula Indian Restaurant Menu

If Indian food lures you, you have come to the right place. 

This Indian food guide is a cheat sheet for an Indian restaurant menu situated in Vancouver. It covers the desired authentic Indian food, what they are and how they are served and much more!

Proceed ahead to learn more about Indian cuisine and to serve your taste buds in no time. 

How Indian Culture Represents Its Food?

When you think about India, what comes to your mind? 

It’s a colorful country with diversity. And the cuisine is equally reflective of the variousness, which the Indian restaurants embody in their dishes from all over India. Despite Indians who lived all their lives in the same country haven’t been laid bare to the wide range that presents over the country. Yes, there are that many arrays of dishes. You will come across light vegetarian fare with salutary steamed dishes to tangy fish curries, robust parathas, sumptuous chicken and plethora of sweets. 

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Here’s a rundown on what you will most commonly find at Sula Indian Restaurant. So, the next time you are here to enjoy your meal, this guide can come handy and you can order something outside of your free will and dazzle yourself. There’s a good possibility you will be surprised to know how many delish cuisines you were missing out. 

Indian Appetizers

Indian cuisine belongs to foodie country and so there’s a meal planned around every time of the day and food available in every corner. The appetizers are mostly popular Indian street food. There is pakoras, samosas, papri chat, tandoori wings, and much more pleasing food. 

paapri chaat in vancouver

These dishes serve as appetizers are most loved for their tangy taste in each one of them. 

Indian Bread

Indian bread is most commonly flatbreads. They are cooked with different types of floor and on the basis of floor there type is determined. The naan is the most famous Indian flatbread which is cooked in an Indian oven called tandoor. On the other hand, roti is the staple food every Indian home, cooked on Tawa. While there are enticing parathas which can also be stuffed with the fillings. And lastly, divine poori which is typically served with aloo ki sabzi. 

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Indian Meal

Indian meals are most commonly known as sabzis and which are served with flat-breads. They are spicy, tangy and overall heavenly in taste with all the spices, curries used to sizzle. 

There is tikka masala, channa masala, saag paneer, korma, rogan josh, biryani, dal and other traditional meals. If you love super spicy food, then these are options that are worth trying out.  

Indian Drinks in Vancouver

Indian cuisine also has a variety of drinks that you need to try. It includes lassi, chai, sherbet, spritzer and what not. So when you are enjoying your appetizing meal you will always have something to add on with it. You can try out lassi which is made out from yogurt with milk and a tint of sweet flavor in it. Try our mango lassi made from mango and yogurt.

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Not to forget chai. It is an Indian name for tea which is made from milk, sugar and black tea together. And also there is a variety and much piquant version of it that is “masala chai”. The masala chai or tea is a blend of milk, sugar, black tea and add on of some kind of spice. It most probably has cardamom, cinnamon, pepper or ginger in it.

Indian Sweets

What’s a meal without a sweet dessert? 

India has a plethora of the last course. Ranging from gulab jamuns to halwa, and there are many modern avatars too. Sweet treats are an essential part of Indian cuisine. While they are savored during a hearty meal, sweets are also central to Indian festivals. Some of them originated in ancient India, introduced by Mughal rulers. 

Gulab jamun dessert in Vancouver

Try out desserts at the end of your meal when you are at Sula Indian restaurant. 

 All Things Regarded,

Consider the above guide and try it with your own desire to choose your favorite from the delicious meals. Indian dishes are complex with spices that unleash a riot of flavors which makes it more tempting. 

Indian cuisine in Vancouver blends in many cooking techniques to create one drool-worthy dish. You can try the most prized ones and dive deep into the pleasant dishes in the Indian menu at Sula Indian Restaurant.