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Popular Indian Non-Veg Dishes Served At Sula Indian Restaurant

For some of us a happy meal mostly means a meaty meal that satisfies stomach and soul. Indian cuisine is full of flavorsome non-vegetarian food. Each region of Indian sub-continent has specific taste and spices that go in preparing the non-vegetarian dish. In the following blog, we will introduce you to some of the famous non-vegetarian platters served at Sula Indian Restaurant, VANCOUVER BC’S BEST RESTAURANTS.

From coastal regions to the traditional royal food from North India, Sula Indian restaurant offers a wide range of AUTHENTIC INDIAN FOOD under one umbrella. You can relish Tandoori Butter Chicken with authentic taste of Delhi, Goan Curry, Mangalorean chicken curry, Rogan Josh and what not!

1. Tandoori Wings –

It is one of the super delicious starters served at Sula Indian Restaurant. The chicken is first marinated with hung yogurt, spices and then deep-fried, which makes it crispy from outside and soft from inside. Tandoori wings are served with a zesty sauce.

tandoori wings

2. Fish Pakoras – 

Crispy fish fritters is loved by many in India. This particular dish has a distinctive and delicious taste of ginger and garlic. The lightly battered codfish is marinated with gluten-free chickpea flour, Indian spices and then deep-fried in the hot oil.

fish pakora

You can enjoy the real taste of fish pakoras with savory green chutney and other varieties of Indian seafood at Sula Indian Restaurant.

3. Achari Murgh Masala-

This pickle flavored traditional non-veg curry hails from Rajasthan. The preparation of this curry is typically like other Indian curries, but the pickling spices, chilies, lemon, ginger and tomatoes give an intense aroma and tanginess. 

You can savor this preparation best with rotis or naan and raita.

4. Butter Chicken-

Also known as Chicken Makhani, Butter Chicken is a super pack of diverse flavors. The rich, buttery chicken gravy is made using tomatoes, onions, cashews and Indian herbs. Then the grilled pieces of chicken are tossed well in the curry, making it delightful to gobble. Butter chicken is popular worldwide and is usually relished with naan, kulcha or rotis. 

Butter chicken

We cook the best butter chicken and other INDIAN FOOD IN VANCOUVER.

5. Coconut Chicken- 

Indian style of coconut chicken curry is a proper concoction of coconuts, chicken and mild spices which gives the curry a fabulous taste. The minced coconut brings out mild sweetness, balancing out all the herbs. The creamy texture of this gravy makes it super delectable to enjoy with rice, naan or rotis. To enjoy this INDIAN CUISINE IN VANCOUVER, you can visit the Sula, the best Indian restaurant in Canada.

6. Chicken Saagwala-

It is light and delightful chicken curry known for its health benefits. This dish is a combination of spinach, chicken, turmeric, tomatoes, onions and indian condiments, which makes it tasty and healthy to eat. Chicken Saagwala is eaten with Indian flat breads like naan, kulcha and rotis in Northern parts of India. 

7. Mangalorean Prawn Sukka-

It is a dish from the South West Coast of India. It has a bright orange color texture and tanginess in flavor. This yummy dish is prepared using roasted prawns, fresh coconuts and dry red chilies. Plus, the curry leaves  add the delicious aroma to the dish. 

prawn sukka

8. Fish Malabari-

A delicious, creamy fish curry with the goodness of coconut milk and full of chilies, coriander and mustard seeds. Fish Malabari is a rich, creamy curry cooked using desiccated coconuts, black mustard and tamarind. Tamarind pulp gives the curry pinch of a sour taste. This luscious gravy is widely enjoyed in the Southern region of India. 

9. Lamb Vindaloo-

It is a traditional Goan curry of lamb marinated and cooked in chilies, garlic, vinegar and other spices. The dish has a deep red color and a soft spicy and creamy texture. Lamb Vindaloo is enjoyed with pav and rice. 

10. Rajasthani Lamb Masala-

Laal maans is an authentic Rajasthani meat dish. Traditionally, this lamb dish was prepared with red chilies and curd, but now there are multiple variants available to make it dairy-free. The boneless lamb leg is marinated well with tomatoes, onions, ginger, garlic and curry leaves to give the dish a thick and buttery consistency.

11. Beef Korma-

This spicy creamy and comforting curry is a favorite dish of many households in Northern India. Infusion of garam masala, cashew nuts, onion, tomatoes  and garlic paste gives the korma, a heavenly aroma and lip-smacking taste. 

You can enjoy the original taste of beef korma at Sula. 

12. Chicken Biryani-

Biryani is one of the most cherished delicacies in India. It is one of the integral foods served on special occasions like festivals, weddings, etc. The royal chicken biryani is prepared by marinating the chicken in rich Indian spices and then layered with pre-boiled rice, herbs, saffron milk and ghee. This aromatic rice delicacy is usually accompanied with raita and papad. 

Chicken Biryani


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