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What Makes Indian Vegetarian Food So Irresistible?

The love for Indian Cuisine has crossed all the geographical boundaries and has become the most loved food across countries. Today everyone knows about Tandoori chicken, Rotis and Pav bhaji, Indian kulfis. People across the world are huge fans of Indian delicacies, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Indian food in the country has evolved through hundreds of year old recipes, and other environmental factors also had a major influence on its taste, texture and flavors.

With the number of offerings in vegetarian dishes, Indian cuisine is one of the most diverse and relished cuisines in the world. It brings a blend of amazing spices, quality ingredients occupying top culinary arts. 

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So, what makes Indian vegetarian food so irresistible?

1. Diversity in flavors

The culinary tradition in India is vast and diverse: the food is influenced by the culture, making India a place where it is difficult to define a national dish. Different cultures have an impressive list of traditional food which is cooked using a particular method and ingredients. 

If we talk about vegetarian Indian dishes- specialties include Dal, a mixture of lentils and vegetables usually served with rice, curries and Indian flat-breads. Dal is a staple food in different parts of India. The aromatic ghee tadka bursts the spicy flavors.

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Rice is another specialty of India, relished in different forms. Coconut rice, Tamarind rice, Veg biryanis, Pulao are some of the vegetarian variants of rice -accompanied by Dahi raita or Dal. 

Koftas, Vegetable makhani, Baingan bharta, Sahi paneer are some of the delectable mouth-watering curries. The blend of spices, veggies and herbs exhibits enchanting aroma and taste to die for. 

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2. Variety

Indian vegetarian food has become popular worldwide for its taste and variety. India comprises 29 states; every state has its own culture and traditional food. The taste of those traditional Indian delicacies is diverse and has unique flavors. 

As Indian vegetarian has an extensive range of offerings, people around the world are a fan of Punjab’s Kadhai paneer, Rajasthan’s Dal baati churma, South’s Coconut rice, Bombay’s Pav bhaji and what not!

There is a vast demand for Indian street-style food everywhere in the world right from Bhajiya, Papri chaat, Dahi vadas, Samosas and Chats. Indian street food has given a new lease of life abroad. You can gobble up all this at your very own VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT IN VANCOUVER.

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3. Aroma

Indian food is renowned for its wide variety of flavors. The spices add mouth-watering aroma to the food and enhance its taste. 

Cardamom is one of the widely used spices. Both black cardamom and green cardamom are used in cooking curries, sweets and drinks. Cardamom adds fantastic aroma and exquisite taste to the dish. 

Clove is the most commonly used spice in Indian curries. Clove adds unique and strong taste to the curries, rice and is recognizable in spice blends.

Cumin is another intensely aromatic spice with warm tones. Freshly roasted cumin adds intense flavor to the curries, dals, biryani and drinks.

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No one can imagine Indian curries without turmeric. It is often recognized for its bright and colorful hue. This super spice excels in health benefits and gives a beautiful rich color. 

When you talk about spiciness? The first picture that will appear in your mind would be of chilies. As expected, both chili powder and red chili are an essential part of Indian food. Whether it’s vegetarian or non-vegetarian curries, dals or biryanis- food is not complete without a pinch of chilies. 

Indian cuisine is a complete package of different flavors- you can enjoy sweet, savory, bitter-sweet flavors of Indian delicacies. All you need to do is drive to your favorite VEGETARIAN RESTAURANT IN DOWNTOWN VANCOUVER.

4. Nutritional Value

Indian vegetarian food is rich in nutritional value and health benefits. You can relish them guilty-free. Chickpeas, spinach, onion and tomatoes are widely used ingredients in vegetarian curries. Chickpeas are a great source of fiber, zinc, folate and protein, which makes it healthy to eat. Whereas, tomatoes, spinach and onions are known as super-foods containing high levels of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins. 

If we talk about Aloo gobi, meaning cauliflower and potatoes, both are super-rich in nutritional value. Cauliflower is rich in fiber which is good for digestion. Potatoes are high in carbohydrates which are required for energy. 

Another delicious dish is Palak paneer, loved in different parts of India. It is rich in protein, vitamin C, vitamin A and antioxidants. Paneer is rich in proteins and aids in weight loss. 

Dal Makhni is another most savoured lentil hailing from Punjab. Urad dal, which is used in Dal Makhni, is rich in folic acid, helps in building new blood cells. The richness in calcium and phosphorus improves bone building in the body, high fiber and is good for the heart. 


In Summary

Indian vegetarian cuisine is the amalgamation of different cultures, culinary art and love. To enjoy the distinctive flavors and fantastic aroma of Indian vegetarian dishes, visit Sula Indian Restaurant, a VEGAN RESTAURANT IN VANCOUVER. Not just food, enjoy Indian style warm hospitality. 

Update for Beloved Guests

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