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5 Food Trends That Will Restructure “New Norm” Post Covid-19

The pandemic has changed the world. The top restaurants in Vancouver and others worldwide today bear witness to one of the most challenging times that it has ever faced. The mere survival of the restaurants is at stake now. 

With people being more conscious about their lifestyle choices, everybody is now making more thoughtful purchasing options and sustainable alternatives. Everyone is getting keen to know how and where the product is made and its influence on society. 

Nevertheless, the restaurants in Vancouver have returned to the new normal. Each eatery is uncovering different ways to run their restaurant and appeal to the masses. One such restaurant in Vancouver is the Sula Indian Restaurant, keeping in mind the safety and interest of customers who now prefer to relish delicious dishes in a secured environment.

Hence, the outlets shift towards the trend of online ordering, takeaways, contact less delivery and pickups. The change in the food business will undoubtedly impact the trends, which are as follows:

1. Chef-driven Delivery

A variety of top-rated restaurants in Vancouver driven by high-quality eating earlier attentive to offering prospects dining-in expertise will venture into the supply enterprise. In the long run, it will completely switch the panorama of the supply enterprise within the nation.

sula indian chef

Customers have always been connected better to the food brands who have a constant story and have been clear with them regarding the staff and chefs that work behind the scenes to make their delicious food. This was primarily lacking from the food business in Vancouver but will now make a comeback.

Creating a better experience from hygiene & safety to packaging & buyer-centric content material will put ahead a brand new wave of doing pursuit within the cuisine supply sector.

2. Vegan And Gluten-Free Food

You must have observed the big change in 2020 towards a vegan & gluten-free diet. And with Covid-19 taking the world by storm, this course will soon become a lifestyle for many. People have become more conscious about the food they eat and this market will see a rise in ‘vegan only’ brands. If you are looking for a vegan-based restaurant in Vancouver, visit Sula Indian

Channa Masala Vegan Indian Food in Vancouver

In late 2019 and early 2020 many small cafes spring up, focusing on healthy, farm-to-table and vegan menus. Especially for Indians with a lot of food that is already vegan-friendly; hence, it is not too difficult for Indians to adapt. However, with the handiness of vegan cheese, mayonnaise & mock meats, people are moving towards the vegan diet easily. 

3. Gourmet Street Food

One of the best varieties of Indian food is street food and people love it. With hygiene and cleanliness being the primary area of cover after COVID-19, street food will not be people’s preferred option for eating out for months to post the pandemic. As a result, there will be a rise in many gourmet street food brands in the organized sector that can give a great taste coupled with hygiene and comfort of delivery at home itself.

Dine out Vancouver papri chaat

4. Meat Alternatives

With people shifting from an animal-based diet to a vegetarian diet, there will be a rise in the popularization of mock meat and meat alternatives. Numerous restaurants will give their customers an option to opt for fake meat instead of the real one.

masala dabba

Therefore, allowing them to include the needed protein content to their meal rather than heavy carb vegetarian and vegan diet food options. This industry has already seen great potential and will probably make a big impact in the post-COVID-19 era in F&B and retail.

5. At Home Experiences 

Due to physical distancing being strictly enforced worldwide during COVID-19, a lot of the people will choose to implement this even after the pandemic is over to deal with the fear of another outbreak. Even after lock down is over, restaurants will not be permitted to operate at more than a 30% capacity, resulting in giving at-home experiences to the customers. Hence there will be more and more F&B brands offering at Home’ experiences.


This trend was already imposed in many places, and will now see a major rise. Most hospitality brands will give private catering services that will have the option of ‘cooking at home’, and will serve groups of 8 to 20 people who would like to have an easy-going gourmet experience indoors post the Covid-19.

Summing up,

Many of the restaurants are, in fact, are redefining their business model and escorting in fanciful changes in their operations right from procurement and processing to delivery and service, setting new directions for the industry.

Some of the trends that are gaining immense popularity and would continue to do so in the post covid future are mentioned here.