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Things You Can Gift To Indian Food Lover This Diwali

We all have this constant question on our mind when it comes to buying gifts – “What to buy”? However, considering the person’s likes and dislikes as crucial factors can be a good start while finding a thoughtful gift. And if you are setting out to buy for an Indian food lover, then these ideas might be of some help. Make it all the more special with these thoughtful ideas to make their Diwali even brighter this year.

Spice Rack (Masala Dabba)

masala dabba

Indian food is all about spices. Several Indian chefs and cooks have perfected the art of using these spices right and combining them well over the centuries. Indian food consists of many different spices, and having them accessible and at hand while cooking Indian food is vital and saves time and energy in the kitchen. Pick an efficient spice rack from the market near you that will store the spices and keep them in one place; a good rack will help keep them dry and cool and preserve them for longer.

Simplify the act of cooking for the Indian food lovers in your life by gifting them a spice rack. The myriad colors and textures of the spices, well put in the spice rack, will be much appreciated and even aesthetic to look at.


A grinder is much like a thoughtful gift. Grinders make it convenient to grind larger quantities of dry spices finely, which is the most prominent part of Indian style cooking. This will allow for batches of spices to be pre-prepared and stored. Home-made spices are a super fresh and great option for those who often cook Indian food.

Give them a treat Indian food restaurants

If you have an Indian food lover in your life, nothing will compare to pleasing them with authentic Indian food in an Indian restaurant in Vancouver. This Diwali, take them for a dinner, lunch or even brunch to a reputable Indian restaurant serving exotic Indian cuisine using aromatic spices. 

Come and visit Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver, where we use the spices that are ground in-house combined with fresh herbs served in a playful Indian inspired garden-style seating.


At Sula, we are taking all the safety measures considering the need of the hour during covid.

Wok (Kadhai)

Indian dishes involve cooking the vegetables or meat in their own juices. It happens when little or no water is added while cooking and the method of cooking is quite similar to stir-frying. A wok-like utensil called Kadhai works best here. It is a popular utensil used by many Indians on a daily basis as they are wide at the top, not too deep, round at the bottom and hence successfully distribute the heat over a larger surface, which allows for faster, more even browning and cooking.

lobster at sula Indian main street

Kadhais are typically made of iron, copper, aluminum, brass or stainless steel with a thicker bottom. Gifting it to your Indian friend will add to their perfect Diwali celebration this year; if you cannot get your hands on a traditional Indian kadhai, a wok will do an equally good job.

Mortar and Pestle

An interesting catch about traditional Indian restaurants is that they always cook their food using freshly roasted and ground spices, making the dishes all the more flavorful. The tastiest Indian dishes call for ingredients to be coarsely ground, and there is nothing that does it better than mortar and pestle. This is the reason why crushed garlic gives off far more flavor than finely chopped garlic.

black pepper

Gifting your foodie loved ones mortar and pestle will add to the flavor in the dishes they cook; the ground flavor of spices will make them feel at home even when they are far away from it.

Traditionally, Indians use mortar and pestle made of stone or a non-porous material like granite.

Cookbook of Indian recipes

A foodie will always appreciate trying new things to eat, and more so if they even cook, so for those foodie friends of yours that love to cook as much as they love to eat, you can gift them Indian cookbooks. Choosing for a non-Indian friend will get them all excited about trying something new and fresh. Indian cookbooks generally cover recipes from several different regions. Go to a store near you or look for a good Indian cookbook online to gift your loved ones.

These appealing gift ideas for the Indian food lover in your life will let you check that person off your gift-giving list this Diwali.