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Top 8 Appetizing Indian Seafood Dishes To Try

Indian cuisine is popularly known for its distinctive mix of spices, taste, and texture. Indian seafood dishes, in particular, are mostly prepared with heavy doses of tamarind, cardamon, cayenne, curries, complex flavor pairings, and other mouth-burning spices. The perfect combination of flavors and texture makes the Indian seafood dishes so addictive. If you love seafood, you will also love these appetizing main street Indian restaurant seafood recipes.

Seafood is both nutritious and delicious. And it becomes extraordinarily delicious when prepared the Indian way. The labor-intensive Indian cuisine is widely known for its diverse, complex flavor. What makes Indian cuisine delectable is the special mix of spices they use for each dish. Indians spend hours preparing each dish to achieve the right texture and to make sure everything blends well without overlapping flavors. Mostly prepared with heavy doses of tamarind, cardamon, cayenne, curries, complex flavor pairings, and other mouth-burning spices, Indian seafood dishes can surely overwhelm your unfamiliar palate.

The perfect combination of flavors and texture makes the Indian seafood dishes so addictive. Whether you are trying to minimize your meat consumption, a pescatarian, or simply a seafood lover who wants to enjoy a healthy yet uniquely mouthwatering dish, you will surely love these appetizing main street Indian restaurant seafood recipes.

Mangalorean Prawn Sukka

Originated from Mangalore, a coastal town located on the Arabian Sea in the southern part of India, this Mangalorean Prawn Sukka will bring back your sweet memories from Karnataka. Mangalorean Prawn Sukka offers a perfect balance of chilies, spices, and tamarind. This spicy, tangy prawn roast is cooked with curry leaves and thick roasted desiccated coconut. 


Yeti Gassi

Yeti Gassi is another delicious prawn dish that originated in Mangalore. This delectable earthy and tangy prawn recipe is typically prepared with tomato, shallots, tamarind, black pepper, coconut, and zingy ginger curry. It goes well with parathas, rice, and neer dosas. Whether you are looking for a delicious, gluten-free seafood dish that fits well with your paleo diet, or you just love prawns, this Yeti Gassi will surely amaze your palate. 

Salmon Puli Munchi

Salmon puli munchi is a very popular seafood dish that also originated in Mangalore and is often served in almost every household in this coastal town. This Mangalorean salmon curry is known for its tangy and spicy flavors. 

Salmon Puli Munchi is a fish cooked in a spicy-tangy gravy. In Tulu, the local language of the town, Puli means sour or tamarind and Munchi means chili. Just by looking at its name, you can say that this dish offers a combination of hot and sour flavors. It is a perfect dish for cold days. If you want something hot, tangy, and flavorful on a cold rainy afternoon, visit your nearest restaurants in Vancouver BC, and grab a serve of Salmon Puli Munchi.

Tandoori Lobster  

If you love lobster as we do, this Tandoori Lobster will surely steal your heart.  It’s a fresh lobster tail char grilled with tandoori spices. Tandoori Lobster is often served as the star of every Indian special occasion. This signature dish is oozing with a rich flavor of wine and spices. 

lobster at sula Indian main street

Every bite of Tandoori Lobster offers your taste buds the freshness of the produce with flavor that is enhanced by the tandoori style of cooking. Certainly, Tandoori Lobster is a must-try seafood dish and you can have it from the best restaurants in Vancouver.

Salmon Masala

Another must-try traditional Indian dish that is also served in main street Vancouver restaurants is Salmon Masala. This masala dish is an onion-based curry that is cooked with tomato and black mustard. It offers a perfect blend of the refreshing and subtle taste of salmon and the warming aromatic masala blend.

Marvai Gassi

Are you a fan of mussels? How about mussels cooked the Indian way? If so, then try this flavorsome Marvai Gassi.

Marvai Gassi

Marvai Gassi is mussels cooked with coconut, caramelized onions, tamarind, lime, zest, lemon, and caramelized. This mussels recipe is one of the most awaited breakfast dishes in Mangalore. The amazing combination of the very mild ocean flavor of mussels that will give your taste buds a mushroom-like, faintly sweet undertone and the spicy, tangy coconut gravy brings out an authentic coastal dish that you will love to eat at any meal of the day. 

Prawn Goan Curry 

Want to know what a grandma’s seafood recipe tastes like in India? Try Prawn Goan Curry.

This Prawn Goan Curry dish offers a distinctive combination of creamy yellow coconut and ground coriander, and a spicy, sour curry taste. 

Prawn Goan Curry

If you are homesick or perhaps you miss your grandma, a meal with finger-licking Prawn Goan Curry will provide you with the comfort you need and will make you feel warm, safe, and at home. Serve it with steamed rice and you will enjoy a truly satisfying meal!

Jenji Gassi 

A list of seafood dishes will never be complete without a crab recipe. And this Jenji Gassi is here to complete our list!

If you are looking for a crab dish that offers an extraordinary combination of flavors and textures, then try this Jenji Gassi.

The crab’s naturally sinful sweet taste, enhanced by a certain level of heat and spice makes this dish truly delightful. This Jenji Gassi dish is cooked with a fresh local Dungeness crab and prepared the Mangalorean way with coconut curry. This sweet, creamy, and spicy dish also offers your palate a touch of cumin, poppy seeds, and byadigi chilies. 

Malabari Fish Curry

Warning, though, you might not be able to stop eating after your first bite. So, if you plan to just take a bite for a quick taste, better not try it or you will end up sitting in a main street restaurant in Vancouver until the last chunk dives into your mouth.  

The traditional Indian cuisine revolves mostly around curry. But despite that, each curry dish offers a unique taste and texture that even if your table is packed with all curry dishes, you will never be tired and bored in eating them.