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Seafood Menu Ideas For Indian Beach Wedding In Vancouver

Weddings are once in a lifetime experience for the couple, and they often want to make it worth remembering for a lifetime. And beach weddings are a new favourite addition to the upcoming trends. People are opting for an easy, breezy shore-side wedding away from chaotic city lives.

Beaches in Vancouver make for an ideal laidback and intimate celebration of the love you share. Vancouver offers you idyllic destinations for a sandy and sunny beach wedding; however, the question arises of what to serve at your wedding. Beach weddings, without a doubt, call for seafood items on the menu, but how do you find Indian seafood away from India? Fret not for Sula Indian restaurant has come up with a new location at 4172 Main Street, Vancouver BC, where we offer a variety of Indian seafood items. Have a look at what Sula has to offer for your wedding catering in Vancouver.

Become your own wedding planner and pick the best seafood items for your beach wedding in Vancouver:

  • Prawn sukka


Prawn sukka is a dish from Mangalore that is located on the west coast of south India. The spicy and tangy orange (sometimes red) prawn roast is made with fresh coconut and dry red chillies. Bring this appetizing coastal seafood from Mangalore to your buffet table.

Immersing in shelled prawns that come in thick roasted dried out coconut and curry leaves will leave your guests asking for more. Even the masala’s colour is a feast for the eyes, and the taste is a treat in itself. You can rest assured that your guests are going to enjoy this lip-smacking prawn sukka to the last bite.

  • Marvai Gassi

marvai gassi

If you love mussels and clams, you are sure to love having Marvai Gassi at your wedding. The dish is basically cooked with caramelized onions, coconut, lime, zest, tamarind and lemon. One great thing about clams is that they are nutrient-dense and contain vitamins and omega-three fatty acids.

It is usually served with pundi/mini rice dumplings slid and soaked in the gravy; it makes the combination a truly coastal dish. The dish is sure to give you a mild ocean flavour of mussels that have a faintly sweet undertone, and the tangy, spicy coconut gravy brings out the authentic coastal flavour in the dish.

  • Salmon Puli Munchi

Puli means tamarind or sour, and Munchi means chilli in Mangalore’s native language, so essentially it becomes a hot and sour fish curry. Try it in restaurants that are catering to Indian food in Vancouver to truly preserve the native flavour.

It is a fish that is blended with spicy-tangy gravy. The dish is perfect for cold days, the reason being it is extra spicy. If you are looking to serve something hot, tangy and flavorful at your wedding, then this is an ideal choice.

  • Jenji Gassi

jenji gassi

Image source – jennchanmedia

Jenji Gassi is another Manglorean dish that is basically a crab curry. The thing about crab meat is that it stands out for having a little sweet taste; it can be served as a main course, appetizer, and even as a part of salads. The typical Manglorean style of the preparation adds some level of heat and spice to intrinsically match the delectable meat making a dish that is sure to have people struggling to stop at just a few pieces.

  • Prawn Goan Curry

Prawn Goan Curry is a savoury tropical side to indulge in and enjoy at a beach. It can be served along with rice for a wholesome dish at your wedding. The curry is made using roasted spices, fresh coconut and coconut milk; it is usually tangy with a tinge of sweetness to it. The juicy, succulent prawn immersed in a creamy coconut gravy turns out to be one of the most scrumptious Indian tropical dishes.

  • Salmon Masala

salmon masala

Salmon Masala is another must-have dish in our catering Indian food menu. Salmon Masala is cooked with tomato and black mustard in an onion-based curry. This masala dish offers just the right blend of refreshing salmon and warming aromatic masala gravy.

The Bottom Line

Beach weddings are a perfect alternative to the usual elaborate and busy affairs that traditional Indian weddings tend to be. If you are planning to have a fun, relaxed and yet romantic wedding style, you got to plan the food menu around it as well. Look for the restaurants catering Indian food at weddings; at Sula, you will find just the right Seafood menu for your beach wedding.

People are sure to savour these exotic Indian tropical dishes at your wedding till the last chunk dives into their mouth.

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