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The Experience Of Your Favorite Hollywood Celebrities With Indian Food

We have seen people gorge on traditional Indian food all around the world. Indian food with a wide palate in the dishes it offers. If you have ever tasted Indian cuisine, you must agree that these dishes will always leave you craving for more.

We have seen people from different countries gorging on Indian dishes. Some Hollywood celebrities are on the list of Indian food lovers; here is a breakdown of the stars that love Indian cuisine, sometimes even more than Indians themselves.

Here’s what your favorite Hollywood celebrities’ experience with Indian food has been like:

Lady Gaga

The pop sensation is known for her exceptional choices in everything, whether it be fashion, music, and in this case, even food. Lady Gaga loves spice in her food to a great extent, her love for Indian cuisine is such. Her Indian food coma took the entire Hollywood by storm. The singer was heard to eat hot curries thrice a day for about a month, and she only stopped on her manager’s intervention.


Gaga is a hardcore chicken lababdar fan and is reportedly a devotee of spicy curries. She even said it in one of her TV interviews while she was losing weight for her music video, “The day I was done with diet, I was back to eating chicken butter masala for a while.”

Tom Cruise

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The biggest heartthrob of Hollywood has even gotten himself in trouble for his authentic Indian food cravings. When he was shooting in London, he had cravings for Indian Lobster and chicken tikka, so he went to the closest Indian restaurant and ate till his heartfelt content. He ended up getting a bill worth 220.85 pounds that he could not pay since he was carrying dollars, and the hotel refused to accept the card. A co-star from the film had to rescue the star from the situation.

Arnold Schwarzeneggar

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American actor Arnold Schwarzeneggar visited India and got a chance to dine-out in a popular restaurant. There, he loved Indian Mughlai food and even appreciated the chef for his culinary skills. He even tweeted about the biggest piece of naan he had in Delhi on his visit.

Julia Roberts


Julia Roberts loves devouring chapati, rice, Kadhai paneer, and aloo gobi. She took everyone by surprise while shooting for the film Eat Pray Love with her love for traditional Indian food. Julia is a big-time food explorer, but she gorged on anything but Indian cuisine in abundance while she was in India.

Matt Damon


The Good Will Hunting star picked stuffed naan and chicken tikka when quizzed about his favorite food in an interview. He earlier found it difficult to pronounce the name, but later, he learned to order for himself properly.


Shakira and her never-ending love for Afghani chicken and mutton have had her hopping to different restaurants in India. Her partner, Spanish footballer Gerard Pique, introduced her to Indian food. The couple is known to indulge in chicken tikkas and goat pichoutas on their outings together. Shakira is also fond of Gajjar ka Halwa and Rasmalai, which you will very conveniently find in Vancouver’s Indian restaurants.


In one of her interviews, Madonna revealed that she learned to satiate her cravings for crab by eating south Indian food while she was dieting. On her visit to India, she found how Idlis could help her lose weight and take care of her crab cravings. She loves Indian food for its magical aroma; she confessed how she distinctly likes the smell of fresh coriander in the curries.

Angelina Jolie and Bradd Pitt


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It is not just the couple, but even their kids are fond of Indian cuisine. They have mentioned visiting Indian restaurants in the US whenever they get time. In an interview with the Times of India, Bratt revealed that he loves chicken masala, dal, and naan. The couple was spotted heading straight to the Indian food counters in one of the pre-BAFTA parties.

In a Nutshell

If your favorite star can gorge on this sumptuous cuisine of India, so can you, give it a try, and find Indian cuisine in Vancouver at your nearest restaurants.