7 Things To Include In An Ultimate Catering Business Plan

Before we dive into the plans and inclusions, it is important to understand that a successful catering business is not the same as a successful restaurant. Both differ in terms of service, food, tech, money, and business. Formulating a business plan for your c

Sula Indian Restaurant & Vancouver’s Love For Indian Food

Canada is a pretty happening place for Indians who are residing over there. Other than the breathtaking views, the most-friendly Canadian city, Vancouver is pretty famous for the plant-based meal options offered to everyone. Vancouver is so much more for peopl

Basics To Be Aware Of While Hiring For a Vegan Catering Menu

Veganism has faced its own share of inconspicuousness; vegans have been criticized for their diet and judged for their way of living. But, those days are now long gone; veganism has now won the long battle with anonymity and is now an accepted and well-respect

Benefits Of Online Restaurant Delivery!

Everyone is a digital nomad, living a digital life. And one sure thing learned over the course of time is that whatever you want or need can be received with just a few clicks on smart devices. Even the food satisfies a variety of cravings on different days of