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7 Things To Include In An Ultimate Catering Business Plan

Before we dive into the plans and inclusions, it is important to understand that a successful catering business is not the same as a successful restaurant. Both differ in terms of service, food, tech, money, and business. Formulating a business plan for your catering company does not only relate to filling out a downloadable business plan template. 

The task of formulating a business plan is difficult, boring, time taking, and needs perseverance. You need to categorize the business plan as per the services. The aspect of your business will depend upon the categories you choose to operate, completing a successful small business as a caterer, will take you through multiple stances of conferences, weddings, family events, award-winning nights, business meetings, and the like.

Catering Company Business Plan – What To Include?

Catering is more than just cooking. The size of the business, target audience, different menus, chefs, delivery, service, equipment – all of it contributes towards the business. Starting a small-scale catering business will need you to focus on orders that serve up to 50 people. On the other hand, if you have the confidence to get a large-scale business you can start by taking orders of 150 to 300 people from your very first order. Here is a comprehensive list of what you can include in your catering business plan.

Executive Summary

For catering services in Vancouver, a business service plan should have an executive summary to shed light on the overview of your business revenue, break-even projections, expenses, and basic business facts. The executive summary should be a page long, or can even be less than that. A business plan begins with an executive summary, however, should be written once you have completed the rest of the points below in detail.

Kitchen Area & It’s Rent

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A comprehensive business plan with the exact expenses will help you cater to the ups and downs of the business. For example, for a wedding catering in Vancouver, a small-scale catering service, to serve up to 50 people, will need a kitchen area of 100 to 130 square feet. 

Orders serving more than 50 people will mandate 150 to 200 square feet kitchen space at least the benefit of having your kitchen will bring you more clients because of hygiene and efficiency in food preparation rent of such places differ from location wise for catering services Vancouver

Business Fact And Leadership

While designing your business plan, write the facts about your catering business that includes business leadership and qualification, facilities and equipment, especially about the commercial space, types of catering, you plan to do.


Source of Your Capital

As a budding entrepreneur, capital will be a risk in hand. But if you know how to use it efficiently for onsite equipment, expenses, rents, and licenses, everything will fall in place. Apply your skills to learn about the right sources of capital for your business. 

It can be an angel investment, loan from a bank, or credit from family and relatives. You should ideally be prepared for a budget of $7 – $45 per person for the best catering in Vancouver

For catering in Vancouver, the above budget is inclusive of marketing needs, equipment, transportation, and other business overheads. The budget may vary according to individual preferences, but make sure you include small costs such as 

  • workers table decoration 
  • napkins 
  • glasses 
  • availability of water barrels 

Banks do allow credit upon being convinced of a fruitful business plan and the revenue generation model. Banks have various schemes that help you to get a loan without any hassle.

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Cost Of Equipment

Equipment is the backbone of a catering business. 

A base kitchen model may include the following: 

  • bonus stoves 
  • friers and refrigerators 
  • stainless steel preparation tables 
  • compartment sinks 
  • storage cabinets 
  • water barrels 
  • choppers, dicers, knives 
  • mixer grinder 

Other things may also include plastic wrap, garbage bins, cooking oven, cambro, beverage station, disposable containers, tin foil, and other items that will help you complete the requirement of your kitchen setup. 

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Products And Services

If you are hell-bent on opening your catering business, you probably have some of the menus in mind. While planning menus, it is also important to assign a defined price and put them on your catering list. Caterers usually specify menus for specific events, for example, wedding rehearsal, dinners, cocktail mixers, condolence meetings, birthdays, anniversaries – all of it. 

You can also segregate the items as per cuisines. Wedding catering in Vancouver has cuisines such as Thai, Italian, continental, Indian, and the like. Create a sample menu with some pictures and non-negotiable pricing. It will increase the quality of your business plan, which you can show that your customers.

By non-negotiable pricing model, do not give away any terms of negotiation. If you have a great deal in hand and can break through many more with some sort of negotiation, not affecting your business, go for it.

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Licenses And Permits

Licenses and permits come into the picture from the very first day. A catering service license issued by the federal government will have certain parameters that need to be taken care of. Some of it includes the following: 

  • The catering service may not lead to pollution of the external environment
  • Storage should be adequate and in the most hygienic condition possible
  • Food shall be free from contamination

Above are some of the many clauses that come with the operating license. Ensure to adhere, to keep your license from being revoked.

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