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Basics To Be Aware Of While Hiring For a Vegan Catering Menu

Veganism has faced its own share of inconspicuousness; vegans have been criticized for their diet and judged for their way of living. But, those days are now long gone; veganism has now won the long battle with anonymity and is now an accepted and well-respected concept of healthy living.

People have started becoming aware of the fact that there is nothing wrong with a plant-based and meat-free diet. In fact, people have started accepting it as it promotes better health as well as sustainability. The growing awareness of veganism’s health benefits has led many catering companies in Vancouver and all over the world to offer a vegan menu for parties, events, and gatherings.

When you plan to have a vegan menu at your party or an event, it might get overwhelming with seemingly limited lined-up choices. However, that is not the case; here, we will unveil how versatile a vegan menu can be. If you are planning to have a vegan menu and approaching the best catering in Vancouver for the same, then it becomes your job to have basic knowledge of the vegan dishes and its menu.

When you are planning to set up a vegan menu, you don’t need two different catering companies

Opting for two different catering services in Vancouver could get both expensive and impractical. This can cost you a lot more than you could have imagined or planned for. Rather than going for two different caterers, choose one good caterer who has top-quality vegan dishes on their menus. 

It is simple and easy to find good catering companies that offer exclusive vegan menus in catering and are also mainstream. Finding a good vegan serving caterer is no brainer.


Turn iconic dishes into plant-based variants

Offering a vegan menu for a gathering or a party could not hinder you when you are doing so creatively. People love classic dishes that you can refrain from abandoning and find its alternative for your meat-eating guests.

A meatless menu may seem disheartening to meat-eaters, but it could get a bit more interesting if you choose good alternatives for the cuisine’s classic dishes. Refrain from keeping the menu bland and repetitive and ensure you make people really enjoy whatever you are offering in the menu.

Channa Saag

Go with an enthusiastic mindset even if you are not a vegan

Vegan food is meatless doesn’t mean it is tasteless. We have grown accustomed to meals containing dairy products or meat all these years, considering them the most important in menus. Moreover, the primary impressions of plant-based foods generally include being flavourless, boring and bland. But what people fail to understand is if they take an enthusiastic approach keeping an open mind, they can turn these ‘bland’ meals consisting of veggies and fruits into a sumptuous creation.

Salads are a must when it comes to vegan

Usually, party food is expected to represent appeasement, and hence there is little to no room for any healthy food. This makes catering a vegan menu challenging as it is believed to exclude the “satiating” meals. However, salad is something you can’t go wrong with. 

Cucumber Salad

Regardless of the fact that they are not a staple in a regular catering menu, you can still highlight the salad station and adorn it with a few customized bowls of greens. Keep your guests interested by incorporating both classic and unique ingredients in the Salad menu.

When choosing what to include in the menu, focus on the staples more

The key to acing the vegan menu in your party is to keep a flexible base that could help caterers workaround and come up with various dishes when needed. The ideal example for the same is quinoa, which is a flowering plant that comes with edible seeds. It is so versatile that you could easily create various dishes from it. It is cost-effective and a tasty base for both desserts and salads.

In Summary

Creating an exceptional vegan menu for your parties or events should not be a back-breaking job. Hence, opting for a company with a proven track record of serving high-quality vegan food is the key to going about it. 

At Sula catering company, we provide you with top-quality catering services for all your events. Try our vegan menu for having some delectable take on Indian vegan dishes at your party. We aim to keep serving our customers with hot, scrumptious, tasty and fresh Indian food prepared using traditional cooking methods. Count on us as a solution for affordable catering in Vancouver!

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