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Sula Indian Restaurant & Vancouver’s Love For Indian Food

Canada is a pretty happening place for Indians who are residing over there. Other than the breathtaking views, the most-friendly Canadian city, Vancouver is pretty famous for the plant-based meal options offered to everyone.

Vancouver is so much more for people other than just the stunning background and views of famous movies and television shows. You could enjoy the view of streets covered with cherry-blossom and also the mountains covered in snow. With the undeniable beauty of this Canadian city, another thing one can enjoy is the vegan food available in Vancouver.

If you have planned everything perfectly, you can enjoy viewing all the must-see locations as well as visit the best vegan restaurants in Vancouver. Along with the best travelling experience, you can also enjoy the perfect vegetarian food in this city. All you need to do is set a well-planned itinerary to not miss out on anything.

Now, let us know how you can make your days in Vancouver count with the best travelling as well as vegan food eating experience.

How to enjoy the best vegan food in Vancouver?

There are plenty of vegan restaurants in Vancouver, and the best one where you can enjoy Indian cuisine is the Sula Indian restaurant. It is a completely authentic Indian restaurant in Vancouver that serves exotic Indian food made available from different regions of India. Whether you wish to try North Indian food or South Indian food, you would get the advantage of the best taste just like India in this restaurant.

Channa Masala

The food is prepared with the help of various aromatic spices along with the fresh herbs that are served in the Indian garden-style seating. Along with the Indian food being offered, you also get to enjoy the Indian ambience in one of the best vegetarian restaurants in downtown Vancouver.

Ambience of Sula Indian Restaurant

Sula Indian Restaurant has been receiving plenty of awards for its ambience, reliable catering services, traditional Indian food and its preparations, and its unique style of serving food. Commercial Drive is a place where you would feel like you have been living for ages even if you haven’t lived in the vicinity. Sula is just the perfect place where you can relax and enjoy Indian food.

main street restaurants

The excellent warm setting has been developed with various elements of surprise to relax you from the core. The entire menu has been created in such a way that you get to enjoy dishes from every region of India. The dishes being offered here are much more as compared to the ones offered by other vegetarian restaurants in Vancouver. Sula Indian Restaurant is a one-stop solution for every individual who wishes to eat spicy, non-spicy, vegan, vegetarian, non-vegetarian, and any other type of food. Even if the guests do not prefer dairy or gluten, the restaurant has a set of dishes for them.

Vegetarian Street Food at Sula Indian Restaurant

Indian food is pretty much famous in the entire world because of its spices and taste. People find it very hard to resist several street food items available like chaat, pakoras, bhel, pani puri, and many more. The delicious and tangy taste of these items attracts more people to this place. Not only Indians, but even Canadians love eating Indian street food. Some of the must-try street food dishes at Sula Indian are:

Onion Bhajiya

Onion Bhajiya is considered to be an excellent choice for serving as a starter. They are pretty addictive and light in nature along with the one that gives a pleasing joy of eating. If you are a fan of street food, then you would definitely enjoy the pungent flavour of the onion.

Onion Bhajia


Samosa is a famous street food item filled with onion, peas, spiced potatoes, and a variety of other things. Usually, samosas are available in cone or triangular shapes. You would never be able to resist this delicious item that has been savoured with various fillings.

catering in BC Veg samosa

Chaat Mixed Platter

Chaat is another famous street food item that is served as a starter at the Sula Indian restaurant. This dish is a blend of various Indian spices, papdi, onions, and potatoes. All of these items are served with a chutney placed on them. In the end, some amount of sev is sprinkled on the chaat on the entire plate.

Papri chaat

These are the best street food dishes that one should try out at the Sula Indian restaurant among all the other restaurants in Vancouver. You would definitely enjoy these dishes with the Indian tangy taste and delicious spices.

Diversity of Taste

People are on a vacation to Vancouver from different regions of India. This is the reason why the tastes and likings of every individual would be different based on the region they are residing in. Sula Indian Restaurant in Vancouver takes care of every individual’s wishes and taste, and they offer famous food items from different states of India.

You can enjoy different appetizers like pakora, Patiala fried wings, and much more. If you are a die-hard fan of vegan curries, then this is the perfect place for you because you can try out different curries like aloo saag, channa masala, dal makhani, vegetables jalfrezi, and more. There are options for paneer items and curries filled with all the Indian spices and delicious taste.

No matter what your likings of Indian food are, but you would be able to find the right food at Sula Indian restaurant with the best quality of service, food, and ambience.