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How The Restaurants In Canada Are Coping During These Tough Times

The pandemic has shaken things for everyone around the world, and more so for the food industry. However, there are still some distinct differences in the ways that nations are handling the situation and the impacts it is having.

Here, find out how Canada and the restaurants of Canada are coping during these challenging times.

Firstly the federal and provincial governments are actually responding quite swiftly yet rapidly, investing time into various economic programs for supporting businesses and individuals and avoid the complete meltdown of the economy. That being said, restaurants, on the other hand, are coming up with new and innovative ways of providing their customers with a unique dining experience and also taking care of all covid guidelines.

Maintaining hygiene

Apart from basic hygiene, with the rise of covid, restaurants are enforcing strict hygiene rules to follow through in order to ensure safety. Restaurants in Vancouver bc, are taking steps to protect the customers as well as staff members from the spread of coronavirus and they must abide by the rules. They have Doubled down on hygiene, making sure staff members are constantly washing hands before engaging in any activity at the restaurant. Keeping the space sanitized and checking customers entering the restaurants, monitoring their temperature, and allowing only people who have their masks on.

Restaurants are ensuring staff supervision to reinforce hygiene practices in the premises and provide sufficient facilities by adding more hand washing areas where possible.

Following the protocol- maintaining distance in the space

Social distancing plays a significant role when it comes to preventing the virus spread. Restaurants are investing time in bringing new ways of avoiding long queues and still be able to serve each of their customers. Some are even coming up with ideas like click and collect service where they can limit the human interaction between staff and customers and at the same time finish things quickly. This allows the customers to order ahead and quickly pick up the food in-store with no waiting time.

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Providing take-outs and home deliveries

The Indian restaurants in Vancouver bc, have also introduced options for take-outs and home deliveries. This allows people to enjoy their favorite meals from their favorite restaurants even at home. However, some delivery practices need to be followed for a contactless delivery system to be successful. Social distancing is being practiced even in delivery services. Check out Indian Food delivery & takeout in Vancouver by Sula Indian Restaurant.

Patio Dining

Restaurants even came up with the idea of choosing a well-ventilated patio dining, one with no enclosure. However, these patios must have unhindered air flowing from at least two sides, under the provincial health orders. Customers have to be seated at least two meters away from each other, some are even separated by a barrier such as plexiglass. This is a safer approach to dining since as long as there is fresh air then the patio dining couldn’t be that bad of an idea while also supporting a struggling business.


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Limiting the crowd

Allowing a limited number of people inside the restaurant will most likely reduce the risk of virus spread. Avoiding huge gatherings is being practiced in all eating places off late.

Encouraging cashless transactions

Adopting a cashless payment policy minimizes the risk of virus spread; there will be no exchange of germs through any medium. So encourage your customers to go cashless while paying for their meals, ask them to use credit/debit cards or any digital payment options like google pay, apple pay, or Microsoft pay.

Using digital tools for communicating with customers

Making use of all the available digital tools to keep your customers up to date is another way of keeping in touch with them while they are away. Use whatever medium you can to stay in touch with your customers, be it through website, app, social media, email, text messages, or push notifications. This is the time where you over-communicate and stay in touch with your customer base to meet their expectations accordingly.

In summary

The whole world is battling against the virus. Even the little efforts can go a long way. This is what restaurants around Canada are doing to help reduce the spread of coronavirus. However, nothing can do as much good to the world as taking precautions on an individual level.

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