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Indian Street Foods That Will Delight Your Palate With a Plethora Of Flavours

Indian street food is something to die for. In India, every state has its own variety of street food native to them, which people take the greatest pleasure and pride in. No matter what age group, we Indians relish digging into these scrumptious roadside delights. No matter what you like, be it spicy or sweet you get them all from the menu of Indian street foods.

With that, we have tried to jot down all the pervasively known Indian street food to delight your palate with a plethora of flavours.

Dal vada

dal vada street food

Dal vada, the very popular Indian street food, cooks into a crispy and flavourful fritter-like dish; it is a welcome variation among the regular idlis and medu vadas all over South India. It is made from an amalgamation of different types of Dal (lentils) such as Urad Dal, Moong Dal, and Chana Dal. This moderately spiced delicacy tastes the best when served with generous portions of coconut chutney— a popular side dip served with South Indian food— have dal vada with a piping hot cup of tea or filter coffee on a rainy day to satiate the monsoon cravings.

Bhutta – Roasted corn cob

roasted corn

A signature dish for monsoons in India. This is what people in India do during monsoons, they head out for a ride when it’s raining and relish in this utterly juicy roasted corn cob called Bhutta. Yes! A smoky bhutta and a ride are all it takes to make anyone’s monsoon in India. Go boiled or roasted, these cobs have got a very rustic and earthy feel to them which will not only please your taste buds but refresh your spirits at the same time. The aroma is so earthy which blends perfectly with the rainy day. Relish the joy of biting on roasted juicy corn kernels, with lemon and native masalas smothered all over it in any Indian street food restaurant in Vancouver.

Aloo chaat

For all potato lovers out there, here comes another Indian street food delight. This dish receives love across the country. This dish consists of bite-sized pieces of potatoes that are tossed in a combination of tamarind and coriander chutney.

Another Aloo chaat variation is a seasonal option called Shakarkandi (sweet potato), you will find it during the bone-chilling months in Indian streets with squeezed lemon and sprinkled masala in it. That is enough to quell a rumbling belly of the cold winters. This one is definitely wholesome and guilt-free street food at its best.

Matar kulcha straight from the Dhaba’s menu

matar kulcha

Every Delhite has grown up eating Matar-kulcha from the streets, the city has some amazing street-side carts to serve this alluring treat. It is so popular in India, especially Delhi that you are sure to find one cart in every nook and corner. The garnished heaps of onion, tomatoes, and pickles add to the delectable taste of the dish.

Pav Bhaji

pav bhaji

Pav bhaji is one of the most demandable Indian street foods of all and especially a favourite amongst the Mumbaikars. The bhaji is made spiced, hot, and flavourful with butter-oozing pavs. The bhaji consists of a blend of a myriad variety of veggies with some exotic spices to make this delight stand out from the normal Indian sabzis.

Chatpata Sev Puri

Sev Puri Served at Sula

Another tangy, crispy, and lip-smacking Indian street food dish is Sev Puri. The dish consists of mashed potatoes, green chutney, and sev all filled in puri. Find this crispy wheat papdi stuffed chat that comes topped with spicy potato sev at Sula Indian restaurant. Lose yourselves in the myriad flavours and textures of this dish, Chatpata sev puri is a dish worth many accolades!

Pani puri

As Indians, our love for Pani puri is equivalent to our insane love for cricket. These little tangy-mighty delights will leave you craving for more. Pani puri basically consists of a ball-shaped, hollow puri (a deep-fried crisp flatbread), which is filled with a mixture of mashed potatoes, chickpea, tamarind chutney, onion and then served with filling it all with flavoured water. The USP of the dish is the different types of flavoured water in them.

An interesting fact about Pani puri is that it goes by different names in different parts of the country, and taste varies as per the regions.

Mumbai Vada


Mumbai’s famous vadas are battered potato dumplings with green chili, tempered cumin, and mustard with chutneys. They are usually combined with pav, which is a very popular vegan street food snack in India. Vada is filled with flavoursome potatoes stuffed in fritters. You can have it as a side dish while you are out for lunch at Sula Indian restaurant or have it sandwiched between the two slices of dinner roll like pav topped with different flavoured chutneys from India.

Rabri and kulfi

Rose Cardamom Kulfi Ice-cream

When the temperature is soaring in India the street food that lures people is kulfi and rabri. Kulfi is a type of ice cream, a traditional frozen dessert made in India. It has a huge number of flavour offerings across the country. Try the tastiest kulfi at Sula Indian restaurant which will give you the wholesome and cozy feeling of the traditional delicacy.

Rabri is made with condensed milk. People also pair it with a sweet called jalebi to give it a twist. Indulge in this fusion dessert, that is full of the goodness of ingredients and decadent flavour of jalebi alongside.

We are sure you all are salivating by now, so why not hop on to a restaurant that serves the scrumptious irresistible Indian street food near you. Try Sula Indian restaurants, for when it comes to your cravings we know how to serve your taste buds with the spiced, tangy flavour of Indian street food.