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Simple Three Recipes To Learn – Basics Of Indian Cooking

The lockdown has been messing around with us all, right? It is trying our skills in all manners possible. However, an ideal approach to beat it is to keep ourselves and our psyches involved, especially with food.

There are a great many Indian recipes on the web, including several cookbooks. Yet, not all are good for those new to preparing Indian food. Many individuals discover preparing Indian food scary and muddled.

Be that as it may, the basics of Indian cooking do not include complex cooking techniques or mixtures.

An Indian dinner can be cooked in less than an hour and surprisingly by using few basic ingredients and general spices available readily at home. There are basic stunts to prepare Indian food quickly that one can follow.

There might be days, particularly a Sunday, or other exceptional events that require a more liberal dinner, that can bring out a toothsome item from the basics of Indian cooking.

The following is a rundown of a few recipes that you can try and soothe your craving for Indian food in Vancouver.

Tadka Dal

Set a Dal Tadka dish down on your supper table around evening time and intrigue everybody with your fragrant cooking abilities! Dal tadka is one of the most promising Indian food recipes. It is mostly prepared under 30 minutes using simple ingredients. Most Dal tadka recipes include moong dal, dal makhani, masoor dal, Sultani dal, and Chola Dal. 

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In a mixing bowl, take half cup arhar dal and half cup moong dal and wash until the water runs clear. Heat an instant pot with 3 cups of water, half teaspoon, turmeric powder, and a little bit of salt so that the dal can melt fast. Once the water comes to a boil, add the washed mix dal into the pot, stir and close the lid. 

If you have a digital cooker, you can set the timer at 11 minutes in high pressure. Once the cooker is cold, open the lid and add a tablespoon of lime juice and stir it, until it is smooth and creamy. In a separate pan, take two tablespoons of ghee, add a few regular spices and pour the dal. You can also temp the oil with some dry chilies at first before adding the spices. Crush some ginger and garlic with the dry chilies to raise the flavor of the dal. 


Add some cut tomatoes coriander leaves, cover it and let it cook for about 7 to 10 minutes. Once you find the oil separating at the top of the dal, turn the heat off and serve hot.

The dish is also a famous Indian food in Vancouver for crazy Indians who miss out on the country’s exquisite food items.

Aloo Matar – Potatoes And Peas Curry

Gently spiced potato and peas in a tomato sauce. A top choice in most Indian families as it’s easy and fast to make, which works out in a good way for rice or roti. Heat the oil in a cooker at medium temperature. When hot, add cumin seeds and let them sizzle. Then, at that point, add cleaved onions and sprinkle somewhat salt. Mix and cook till onions get delicate and light brown.

Then add ginger-garlic and chilly paste.

Stir and work until the crude smell of ginger-garlic goes away. Now add the tomato puree.

Mix and stew till it thickens marginally. Then add salt, besan, and few spices such as turmeric powder, red bean powder, coriander powder, cumin powder. Stir to mix well. Add cubed potatoes and peas along with some water and blend. Cover the cooker with top, put the load on, let it cook at medium temperature until it whistles twice. Let it cool until the pressure is out. Add garam masala and kasoori methi.

Mix well, add cilantro and serve.

Ghee Rice

One of the most aromatic South Indian dishes is Ghee rice. The aroma of this dish arises from the quality of lentils as well as the quality of ghee. The dish is garnished with fried onions, toasted nuts, and coriander leaves. This preparation is an ideal serving with chicken or mutton curry.

Rice and Garlic Naan

It takes 10 minutes to prepare this item and 30 minutes to cook. Soak the rice in clean water for about 30 minutes after washing. In a pan, add about four tablespoons of ghee and fry some cashews until golden brown. In the same pan, add some dry whole spices, for example, cinnamon sticks, bay leaves, cardamom, along with ginger garlic paste and slit chilies. Once the oil gets tempered with the aroma, drain the water and add the soaked rice to the pan.

Fry it for about four minutes until the rice leaves its smell. Add hot water and salt and bring it to a boil. Make sure the water is not in excess because eventually, the water should be exactly of the quantity required to boil the rice and make it separable. Cover and cook it for 20 minutes, while you prepare some fried onions/barista in another pan. Open the lid, and you will find all the water-soaked up, making each grain separable. 

Coconut Rice

Add the fried nuts and the barista to the rice with a tablespoon of ghee on top. 

The dish is usually served across Indian restaurants in Vancouver with hot mutton curry or chicken curry, some fish fries, and a sweet dish.