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Traditional Must-Try Foods to Eat in an Indian Restaurant

There are several possibilities to sample local specialties and tantalize the taste buds in India, which is known as a foodie’s paradise. As a result of the large number of traditional Indian food that has been exported, it might be difficult to discern between original recipes and watered-down copies.

We’ve compiled this list of 10 classic must-try meals to eat in India to assist you in navigating the country’s extensive culinary landscape.

1) Masala Dosa

Masala dosas are arguably South India’s most well-known culinary export, and they are known all over the world. Dosas are a type of Indian pancake created from a thin batter made out of rice, flour, and lentils, among other ingredients. When it comes to making dosas, it is not a simple process, as the batter mixture must be soaked in water for at least 24 hours before it can be formed. Once the batter is finished, it is scooped onto a heated Tava (griddle pan) and shaped like the French would form a crepe (see below). Dosas are traditionally served folded in half and filled with potatoes, as is the case in India. When served with hot sambar, the dish takes on a spicy edge, and whatever you stuff them with, dosas are guaranteed to make for a wonderful and filling lunch or dinner.

2) Chaat

Chaat, a savoury snack that is synonymous with Delhi’s street food sellers, is one of India’s most delectable savoury snacks. A delicacy, licking one’s fingers, and devouring with delight are the three Hindi words that gave birth to this meal, which more than lives up to its origins as a delicacy.

Papri chaat

While there are many variations now, the original chaat is a delightful combination of diced potato pieces, crispy fried bread, and chickpeas, all topped with fresh coriander leaves, yogurt, and dried ginger, as well as a tamarind-based sauce. Seek out for a traditional Sula Indian restaurant in Vancouver and take a bite of the papdi or Dahi Bhalla and different varieties of chaat.

3) Dal Makhani

Dal is a meal that most foodies have heard of or tried, but there’s nothing quite like experiencing the dish in its original form in the nation where it was created. Lentils (dal) are the Hindi term for lentils, and this soup-like delicacy is created by simmering little black lentils for hours until they become soft and tender.

Dal makhni Indian food in Vancouver

While this lentil meal has many distinct variations, dal makhani is in a class by itself. It is a dish that should not be missed. It is regarded as the best and is saved for special occasions such as wedding receptions. The Hindi word makhani, meaning ‘buttery,’ should come as no surprise that this Indian staple is rich and creamy in texture. To get a true flavour of Indian cuisine, visit Sula Indian restaurant in Vancouver – Canada.

4) Vada pav

Vada pav is an Indian dish that originated in the mainly vegetarian state of Maharashtra and is the closest thing Indian cuisine has to a vegetable burger. Vada pav is a deep-fried potato dumpling that is neatly tucked within a tiny bun. This dish is perfect for carbohydrate enthusiasts.

vada pav

Typically, a couple of chutneys and a green chili are served alongside the finger food delicacy to cater to the spice-loving palates of Indians all across the country. In Mumbai, these small potato buns, also known as Bombay burgers, may be purchased from street food vendors. Try best street foods from India at Sula Indian restaurant – Main street.

5) Parantha with stuffing

Punjab’s culinary legacy is not limited to dal makhani alone. The breakfast of champions in northern India filled paranthas is a traditional morning dish served at the beginning of the day. The word parantha comes from the Sanskrit word atta, which translates as ‘layers of baked dough.’ This meal certainly lives up to its name.

Parathas are formed using the dough (or atta) that has been allowed to rest overnight by heating the dough on a Tava before shallow frying it. When it comes to eating parathas, the most frequent method is to load them with a filling of your choice. A variety of ingredients may be used to stuff parathas, but some of our favourites include aloo paratha (filled with potatoes) and methi paratha (stuffed with spinach) (stuffed with fenugreek).

6) Dhokla

The Gujarati delicacy dhokla, hailed as the traditional cuisine of northwest India, is a savoury vegetarian snack composed of rice and split chickpeas popular in the area. Although it sounds disgusting, Gujaratis eat it for breakfast, lunch, and on occasion even as a snack or side dish, according to the BBC. Dhokla, another meal that requires hours of preparation, is made by soaking the rice and splitting chickpeas in equal parts water overnight before cooking. Chilli, coriander, ginger, and baking soda are added to the dish to provide a spicy kick while also allowing it to rise and become delightful bite-size morsels. This Gujarati delicacy often served with deep-fried chili and coriander chutney is incredibly addictive and delicious.

7) Barfi

Due to the fact that the name barfi may be used to describe any number of Indian sweets, we’ve created a little bit here. The milk barfi, on the other hand, is the most traditional variety. As you might expect, these milk-based sweets are created using milk powder, condensed milk, ghee, and cardamom powder. They are very delicious. Although Barfi is hardly going to help anybody achieve their health-conscious objectives, these decadent, aromatic sweets are guaranteed to put a smile on the face of everyone who indulges in them. Even while these sweets are typically given out as good luck offerings during special events such as wedding ceremonies, there’s nothing to say you can’t stop by the local sweet store and pick up a few to enjoy with your afternoon cup of tea.

8) Pani puri

Pani puri, or golgappa, is said to have originated in the northern state of Bihar. Pani puri is hollow deep-fried balls made of semolina or wheat, a popular street snack in India and other parts of the world. They’re served with spicy potatoes, chickpeas, and spicy tamarind water to round off the meal. Eating Pani puri is a unique culinary experience in and of itself since it is typically done by cracking open the top of the deep-fried shell with a spoon before stuffing it with the delectable toppings.

Most Indians consume each pani puri in a single quick bite to prevent any contents from leaking out of the fragile casing. This famed street snack unifies most of the country – everyone from local college students to city businesspeople can be spotted consuming them in large quantities. Whenever you are going to an Indian restaurant in Vancouver, you must try it. 

9) Idli

Idli, which is popular throughout South India, is frequently referred to as the breakfast equivalents of dosa. Idli is a light savoury rice cake traditionally eaten at the start of the day. These rice cakes, made by steaming a batter composed of fermented black lentils and rice, are dangerously simple to consume in large quantities. Because idli is very bland on its own, these small pancake-like breakfast mainstays are typically served with sambar, coconut-based chutneys, or spicy fish curries to complement their blandness. There are various types of idli that have developed over the years. So you’re likely to discover one that suits your taste preferences.

10) Masala Chai

Masala chai, India’s most renowned export, may be seen being served by a variety of vendors anywhere from high-end restaurants to chai wallahs in railway stations. The authentic variety of this famous Indian tea can only be obtained in India. But various diluted copies of it may be purchased worldwide.

masala chai

To make authentic masala chai, boil black tea on the stove for several minutes. Do this while adding a variety of fragrant spices and herbs. In the traditional method, green cardamom pods, cinnamon sticks, crushed cloves, and black pepper are combined. This leads to making a wonderfully fragrant and flavorful cup of tea.

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