Recipe to The Star of Prawn Curries – Goan Prawn Curry

The Indian state of Goa consists of a coastline of 101 kilometres, and seafood is basically second nature to the Goans. The soil there is rich in minerals and humus, which makes it favourable for plantations, especially when it comes to growing spices, fruits

Sula Indian Restaurant & Vancouver’s Love For Indian Food

Canada is a pretty happening place for Indians who are residing over there. Other than the breathtaking views, the most-friendly Canadian city, Vancouver is pretty famous for the plant-based meal options offered to everyone. Vancouver is so much more for peopl

Tips For The Best Indian Dining Experience For First-Timers

Food explorers and lovers possess a profound understanding of flavours, and hence Indian cuisine seems enticing to many. It is always a good idea to experiment a bit with your tastebuds and give it what you have never tried before. It takes a tinge of risk-tak

Best Traditional Indian Foods That Will Surely Warm You Up This Winter

Winter has just arrived. While it feels great to enjoy the cold breeze after soaking up in sweat during hot summer days, the chilly months may not be the most pleasing season for many of us. This is the time of the year when we often feel lethargic and uncomfo

Delightful Gluten and Dairy free meals served at Sula Indian Restaurant

Indian Cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its mouth-watering curries, aroma, and diverse flavors. The use of cardamom, tamarind, cumin, and other pungent ingredients gives the curry, rice, and other dishes a touch of authentic Indian food. What are Gluten-Fre

Gastronomy: The Journey of Perfect Indian Meals

What is the image you have of perfect Indian food? May be a colorful platter, spellbound aroma, and flavors to live for! Well, that’s true, Indian meals are full of different flavors, colors and have a magic of unique Indian spices like cardamom, turmeric, s

How has Sula Indian Restaurant prepped to welcome guests amid COVID-19?

Sula Indian Restaurant is happy to serve guests traditional Indian food, once again. We have resumed dine-in operation, keeping in view World Health Organisation as well as state authority guidelines. With changing time, we are adopting a new approach to cater

Undeniable factors to consider when picking an Indian restaurant in Vancouver

Pick a restaurant that not only has the best ambiance but also amazing food and services. As a fact, everyone makes a conscious or not, the effort for choosing an Indian restaurant. The services, ambiance and locations play an important role. So, when you take

Authentic Indian Food and the Benefits it Provides

India is a place full of diversity, which is why even Indian cuisine is as diverse as the nation. Traditional Indian foods have passed through centuries from our ancestors. In ancient times, Indians were the people who used antibiotics like turmeric and other

Sula Receives Westender’s 2017 Annual Best Of The City Dining Award!

Westender magazine has recently conducted their 2017 Annual Best Of The City DINING readers’ choice awards and Sula won in two Categories: – 2nd Best Indian restaurant in Vancouver – 2nd Best East Side Take Out & Delivery in Vancouver Westen