Catering Vancouver: Food Service, Rental & Delivery Information

Indian Catering Metro Vancouver BC - Buffet Setup

We offer equipment which can be rented directly from us for your next catering Vancouver event.

Here are some of the items we offer:

Buffet equipment, tables, linen, tableware, flatware, glassware, coffee & tea station needs and dessert station needs.

Catering Vancouver: Pricing details for buffet setup, delivery & rentals

Buffet Setup Rental: $ 250

Included chafing dishes, hot water inserts, food inserts, sneeze guards, side plates and serving spoons, salad platters, chutney bowls


Up to 10 kms: Free, 10-15 kms: $10-15, 15-30 kms: $20-$35, 25-50 kms: $40-$50


Drop off, pickup & cleaning included

Dinner plates 11 inch: $9 per dozen
Side plates 7 inch: $9 per dozen
Stainless steel dinner forks: $9 per dozen
Stainless steel dinner knives: $9 per dozen
Stainless steel dinner spoons: $9 per dozen
Stainless steel dessert spoons: $9 per dozen
Water glasses: 14 ounces: $9 per dozen
Premium white wine glasses 10 ounces: $9 per dozen
Premium red wine glasses 15 ounces: $ 9 per dozen

Service: Headcount 100 Guests – $ 1000

Table setup, buffet setup, napkin folds, water service, clearance, cleanup & garbage collection; 2 servers, 1 chef & 1 manager on site for 5-6 hours approx.

catering vancouver menu

catering vancouver menu