• Haryali Herb Tikka

    Boneless chicken marinated with hung curd, spinach, mint, cilantro, fenugreek leaves and grilled
  • Chicken Tikka (gluten free)

    $ 15.95
    Boneless chicken marinated in tandoori spices and yoghurt then skewed and cooked in the tandoor
  • Contains nuts

    Murg Malai Tikka(Gluten Free)

    $ 14.95
    Tender pieces of chicken marinated in yoghurt, cardamom and a mild Indian spice blend
  • Tandoori Chicken (gluten free)

    $ 16.50
    Bone-in chicken marinated in authentic Indian spices and grilled in the tandoor
  • Lamb Tikka (gluten free)

    $ 16.95
    Tender lamb broiled with ginger, garlic and tandoori spices
  • Tandoori Fish

    $ 17.95
    Cod marinated with turmeric, caraway and mustard then cooked in the tandoor
  • Tandoori Vegetables (gluten free)

    $ 14.95
    Assortment of fresh vegetables marinated in yoghurt, turmeric, black pepper and char grilled in the tandoor
  • Tandoori Rack of Lamb (gluten free)

    $ 20.95
    Rack of lamb cooked with garlic, ginger and spices, served on a bed of roasted peppers
  • Prawn Goan Curry(Dairy & gluten free)

    $ 17.95
    Shelled prawns in rich, creamy coconut curry
  • Mangalorean Prawn Sukka(Dairy & Gluten Free)

    Sweet memories from the state of Karnataka
    shelled prawns in thick roasted desiccated roasted coconut & curry leaves
  • Prawn Vindaloo (dairy & gluten free)

    $ 17.95
    shelled prawns cooked with toasted dried coconut, crushed tomatoes and onions in a rich sauce with vinegar
  • Prawn Makhani (gluten free)

    $ 17.95
    Shelled prawns in a rich, creamy, tomato and butter sauce
  • Fish Masala (Dairy & gluten free)

    $ 17.95
    Cod cooked with tomatoes and caramelized onions then garnished with ginger, garlic and black mustard
  • Fish malabari(Dairy and Gluten free)

    $ 17.95
    Traditional yellow fish curry from south India with roasted coconut, black mustard & tamarind
  • Onion Bhajia(Dairy and Gluten free)

    $ 8.95
    sliced onions battered, spiced and fried
  • Vegetable Samosa

    $ 9.95
    spiced potatoes, onions and peas stuffed in a savory pastry (2 per order) served with tamarind & mint chutney
  • Vegetable Pakoras(Dairy and Gluten free)

    $ 9.95
    Otherwise known as fritters, these fried snacks are served with tamarind sauce and chutney
  • Papri Chaat (For Dine In only)

    $ 10.95
    Indian canapé wafers with potatoes, peas, yoghurt and various chutneys
  • Wings from Hell(Gluten free)$10.95

    $ 11.95
    wings deep fried with a hot zesty sauce
  • Tandoori Wings

    $ 11.95
    Marinated wings cooked slowly in the tandoor
  • Paneer Pakora(Gluten free)

    $ 12.95
    Indian Cheese stuffed with mint and cilantro chutney then battered and fried
  • Fish Pakora(Dairy and Gluten free)

    $ 12.95
    cod deep fried in spiced chickpea batter and garnished in mango powder
  • Sula’s Chaat Mixed Platter

    $ 16.95
    Vegetable samosas with chicken and veggie pakoras (great for sharing)
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