sulas chat platter

Sula’s Chaat Mixed Platter

Vegetable samosas with chicken and veggie pakoras (great for sharing)

tandoori wings

Tandoori Wings

Marinated wings cooked slowly in the tandoor

paneer pakora

Paneer Pakora(Gluten free)

Indian Cheese stuffed with mint and cilantro chutney then battered and fried

fish pakora

Fish Pakora(Dairy and Gluten free)

cod deep fried in spiced chickpea batter and garnished in mango powder

Papri chaat

Papri Chaat (For Dine In only)

Indian canapé wafers with potatoes, peas, yoghurt and various chutneys

chicken wings

Wings from Hell(Gluten free)

wings deep fried with a hot zesty sauce

Onion Bhajia(Dairy and Gluten free)

sliced onions battered, spiced and fried

vegetable pakora

Vegetable Pakoras(Dairy and Gluten free)

Otherwise known as fritters, these fried snacks are served with tamarind sauce and chutney

Veg Samosa

Vegetable Samosa

spiced potatoes, onions and peas stuffed in a savory pastry (2 per order) served with tamarind & mint chutney