Sula Indian restaurant, Commercial drive, Vancouver.


Welcome to Sula Indian Restaurant on Commercial Drive. Since 2010 we have been serving traditional Indian dishes, Indian inspired cocktails and mocktails from different regions of India. Sula Commercial drive has received numerous awards and accolades for its unique playful garden style ambiance and freshly prepared tasty Indian food.


Savour the tangy Indian curries with us in Sula restaurant at commercial drive Vancouver! The charm of this cuisine lies in its combinations and varieties of dishes. Indian food, when combines with foundations from other types of food can turn the flavour up a notch. Indian cuisine is known for its spices; the flavours and spices have a reason for being in the dish. Some reasons even date back to promoting vitality, longevity, and good health. Indian food is sure to satiate the inquisitive food explorer’s search!

Food & Drinks

Our menu has been refined over the years with traditional spicy aromatic curries, Indian breads, tandoori meats and vegetables carefully crafted following recipes from the sates of Rajasthan, Maharashtra, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, Chennai and Goa

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Star Trooper - Star anise infused gin
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Butter chicken At Indian Restaurant Vancouver

Dining Room

 Our dining room is outfitted into indian inspired garden style seating featuring Indian antique furniture, arts and water features matched lamps and candles for a memorable dining experience


Come and taste some scrumptious staple Indian curries, tandoori breads and spiced up Indian appetizers with us! Our restaurant at commercial drive exhibits comfortable and serene indoor seating in the theme of a garden.

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3.8/5 (6 Reviews)