Sula Indian Restaurant, Main street, Vancouver.

Sula Indian Restaurant, Main Street, Vancouver

Welcome to Sula Indian Restaurant on the main street, after celebrating 10 years on the commercial drive we are excited to finally answer our long-term supporters with a second location on the main street.


Grab a bite or two of cuisine that uses a whole palette of flavours while cooking a dish. Sula Indian restaurant on Main street Vancouver BC is hell-bent on making the customers experience the condiments of exotic Indian dishes. Break free from your usual dinner repertoire to indulge in the richness of Indian cuisine!


Truly exotic Indian dishes served hot at one of the best Indian restaurants in the main street of Vancouver now! Come and relish the flavours of aromatic spices that we ground in-house.

Food & Drinks

We have retained the classics & customer favorites from commercial drive location on our menu, added handpicked street food dishes from Mumbai and regional seafood cuisine from the city of Mangalore in South India along with a brand new cocktail list.

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Dining Room

 Our dining room is outfitted into an airy lounge featuring natural light, Indian antiques, Indian temple carvings and reclaimed wood matched with brass and contemporary lighting along with comfortable chairs for an ultimate Indian dining experience

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