Indian Street food and Chaats (Dine In Only)

Chaat is a category of Indian street food that hits essentially every component of taste. At it’s core, any chaat dish is a combination of sweet, sour, tangy, crunchy, umami, and spicy. Each of which contributes to creating an addictive blend of flavors and textures

Ragda Samosa Chaat $10.95

Traditional Samosa with chickpeas curry, chaat masala, yogurt and chutneys

Papdi Chaat $10.95

Indian canape wafers topped with potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt and chutneys

Palak Pakora Chaat $10.95

Traditional spinach pakora with chickpea curry, chat masala, yogurt & chutney

Aloo, peas, coconut Tikki $10.95

Potato, peas, coconut patty served with chutneys

Railway Vada Pav $10.95

Fried potato-cumin dumplings, tamarind & date chutney, mint chutney, buttered pav bun

Pav Bhaji $10.95

Spicy vegetable mash, red onion, lemon, soft buttered pav bun

Mumbai Vada (Dairy Free) $10.95

Battered potato dumplings, green chilli, tempered cumin and mustard

Ragda Pattice $10.95

Raw mango-potato-cumin patty, curried chickpeas, chutneys, spiced yogurt

Chatpata Sev Puri (Dairy Free) $10.95

Crispy wheat papdi stuffed with potatoes, moong beans, chaat topped with spicy potato sev

Dahi Puri $10.95

Crispy wheat papdi, peas, potato, roasted cumin. Sweetened yoghurt


Vegetable Samosa (2 per order served with curried chickpeas)

Spiced potatoes, peas, cumin and coriander seeds stuffed in flacky savory pastry

served with chutneys

Onion Bhajia / Onion Rings $9.95

Onion fritters served with tamarind & date chutney and mint & cilantro chutney

Soy chilli chaap (Dairy & Gluten Free) $10.95

Pan fried ground soy chunks, green onion, sesame tossed in sweet and spicy sauce

Spinach, potato, baby corn pakora $10.95

Baby Spinach, ajwain, corrainder with chaat and amchoor served with chutneys

Patiala Fried Wings $12.95

Deep fried wings tossed in hot zesty tomato & onion sauce

Tandoori Wings $12.95

Marinated wings slow cooked with amchoor, black salt, garam masala in the tandoor

Paneer fingers $13.95

Indian soft ripened cheese fingers served with chutneys

Achari Tandoori Portbello Mushrooms: $15.95

Local Portobello mushrooms slow cooked with mango pickle, garam masala in the tandoor

Sula Appy platter $17.95
Vegetable Samosas, Paneer pakora and Vegetable Pakoras served with chutneys

        Regional Seafood Cuisine of Mangalore

Mangalore is a coastal town in the southern part of India and the gateway to the state of Karnataka and the Konkan coast. Situated on the Arabian Sea, the port has been a key stop on fisheries, international trade routes for centuries

Jenji Gassi (Gluten Free)
Local Dungeness crab cooked with coconut curry with flavors from byadigi chillies, poppy seeds &  cumin.

Prawn Sukka(Dairy & Gluten Free) $18.95

Sweet memories from Karnataka shelled prawns in thick roasted desiccated coconut & curry leaves

Yeti Gassi (Dairy & Gluten Free) $18.95

Shrimp cooked in zingy ginger curry with coconut, tomato and black pepper

Salmon Puli Munchi(Dairy & Gluten Free) $22.95

In regional language of Mangalore -Tulu, Puli means sour tamarind & munchi means chillies

Marvai Gassi(Dairy & Gluten Free) $18.95

Mussels cooked with caramelized onions, lime, lemon zest, tamarind and coconut

Seafood delicacies from neighborhood cities Goa & Kerala

Salmon Masala (Dairy & Gluten free) $22.95

Salmon in a tomato and onion-based curry with black mustard

Prawn Goan Curry/Prawn Coconut Curry (Dairy & Gluten Free) $18.95
A unique combination of ground coriander & creamy yellow coconut

Tandoor / Indian Style Barbeque (Sizzler platters)

(Please Allow 20-30 mins)

Tandoori Vegetable (Gluten Free) $16.95

(Gluten Free) Assorted vegetables, baby corn marinated with hung curd, spices & grilled in the tandoor

Tandoori Chicken (Bone in) (Gluten Free) $17.95

 Bone-in chicken marinated with yogurt, paprika, cumin, ginger garlic, garam masala & grilled

Tangdi Kebabs (Gluten Free) $17.95
Iran’s culinary gift to India, chicken drumsticks char-grilled in the tandoor.

Tandoori Murg tikke  (Gluten Free) $18.95

3 kinds of Chicken tikka with Original, Haryali tikka and Malai tikka

Hari Mirch Chicken Chops  (Gluten Free) (Bone in) $18.95

Chicken leg, thigh and breast with hung curd, fresh green chilly paste, spinach, mint, cilantro and cardamom

Lahori Lamb Tikka (Gluten Free) $18.95
Tender boneless lamb marinated with ginger, garlic, tandoori spices and broiled basted with lemon butter

Haryali Salmon  (Gluten Free) $22.95

Boneless chicken marinated with hung curd, spinach, mint, cilantro, fenugreek leaves and grilled

Adraki Lamb Chops with roasted cashew bits Gluten Free)$22.95
Garam masala, cumin, coriander spiced marinade and cashew crust

Tandoori Lobster  (Gluten Free) $49.50

Chargrilled lobster tail with tandoori spices

Classics Indian Curries


VINDALOO (Dairy & Gluten free)

     Zesty classic curry from Goa, with vinegar, caramelized onion, tomato & Spanish paprika

KORMA (Gluten free)

Thick and Creamy classic gravy from north India with slow cooked onions, crushed tomato and blended cashews

SAAG (Dairy & Gluten free)

Spinach and Mustard leaves cooked& pureed with roasted cumin, onion,  ginger garlic, roasted tomato


Bhagare Baigan(Dairy & Gluten Free) $14.95
Baby eggplant, & finished with caramelized onion, tomato, coconut and curry leaves

Ghar Ki Bhindi (Dairy & Gluten Free) $14.95
Pan roasted baby Okra, caramelized onion & tomato curry tossed with diced onion & cilantro

Dal Makhani (Gluten Free) $14.95
Assorted boiled lentils with, bay leaf, cloves, corrainder and cumin

Channa Masala (Dairy & Gluten Free) $14.95
Garbanzo beans cooked with fresh onions, ginger and spices

Channa Saag (Dairy & Gluten Free) $14.95

 Garbanzo beans cooked with delicious spinach, onion and tomato curry

Khatta Aloo Jeera (Dairy & Gluten free) $14.95

Potatoes cooked with caramelized onions & sour tomatoes, lemon and tampered cumin

Vegetable Coconut (Dairy & Gluten Free) $14.95

Assorted garden-fresh vegetables in creamy caramelized yellow coconut curry

Gobi Aloo (Dairy & Gluten free) $14.95
Cauliflower & potatoes cooked with fresh coriander, ginger and tomatoes 


(Homemade Indian soft ripened cheese curries)

Kofta Dil Bahar (Gluten Free) $14.95
Veg dumplings (Paneer cheese & mashed veggies) in tomato and butter sauce

Saag Paneer (Gluten Free) $14.95
Pureed spinach and paneer cooked with freshly ground spices

Mattar Paneer (Gluten Free) $14.95

Peas and paneer in a tangy onion, tomato and turmeric yellow curry

Paneer Butter Masala(Gluten free) $14.95
Soft ripened cheese in tomato, cream and butter sauce. Finished with chopped tomato and onions

Kadai Paneer(Gluten free) $14.95
Paneer with green/red peppers tossed in thick  pearl onion,  plum tomato, ginger and garlic curry


Old Delhi Butter Chicken (Gluten Free) $16.95
Tandoor broiled chicken in tomato, cream and butter sauce

Murg Tikka Masala (Gluten Free) $16.95
Tandoor broiled chicken tikka with creamy tomato and onion curry

Chicken Madras (Dairy & Gluten Free) $16.95
A specialty from south India with roasted coconut curry and black mustard

Achari Murg Masala (Dairy&Gluten Free) $16.95
Boneless chicken with spicy sour mango pickle paste, cumin, ginger, lemon, tomato and onion

Chicken Jalfraize(Dairy&Gluten Free) $16.95
Boneless chicken with tomato, sliced bell peppers & onions

Chicken Coconut(Dairy & Gluten Free) $16.95

Boneless chicken in thick & creamy yellow coconut curry

Mangalorean Ghee Roast  (Gluten Free) $16.95

Rich, fiery, tangy and spicy chicken  curry flavors from cloves, fenugreek seeds. 


Lamb Rogan Josh (Dairy & Gluten free) $17.95

Boneless lamb in traditional 6 hour slow cooked curry

Lamb Kadai (Dairy& Gluten Free) $17.95

             Boneless lamb & diced green/red peppers tossed in thick onion, tomato, ginger, and garlic curry

Rajastani Lamb Masala (Gluten Free) $17.95

Boneless lamb leg in thick tomato, onion, ginger & garlic curry cooked in a cast iron pan

 Lamb Banjara (Dairy& Gluten Free) $17.95

Boneless lamb leg in Kashmiri red chilies, cubes of tomato, fried whole garlic

Lamb Black Pepper Dry (Dairy& Gluten Free) $17.95

 Boneless lamb leg in ground black pepper, ginger, garlic, chopped tomato and onion

Lamb Pasanda / Lamb Cilantro (Gluten Free) $17.95
Boneless lamb in yogurt, tomato, onion, mint and cilantro curry

Lamb Madras (Dairy& Gluten Free) $17.95

Boneless lamb in a south Indian roasted coconut curry with black mustard

Traditional Indian Breads

(All our naans and roti can be made vegan)

Tandoori Naan $3.95

      Extra Soft tandoori Indian flat bread

Pudina Tandoori Roti $3.95

      Whole wheat flat bread

 Missi roti

 Flat bread made from chickpeas

Garlic Naan/Garlic Cheese Naan $4.50

      Minced roasted garlic, soft paneer

     Onion and Cilantro Naan $4.50

      Flat bread with onion and ciltantro

 Sesame and basil naan $4.50

 Black and white sesame and basil

Spicy Achari chilli cheese naan $4.95

topped with spicy mango pickle, chilli & paneer

 Mehti Lachha Paratha $4.95

 Multi-layered whole wheat bread with fenugreek

Stuffed naans, roti & paratha

     Spinach and Paneer Naan $4.95

      Stuffed with Indian cheese & spinach

    Tandoori Aloo Peas paratha $4.95

     Mashed potato, spices, pan fried peas & herbs   

 Cauliflower Ginger Roti $4.95

  Spiced cauliflower mash, mint & cilantro 

 Potato Naan $4.95

 Spiced potato, cilantro, turmeric  & chil

Coconut Peshawari Naan $4.95

Sweet naan with minced nuts, coconut & dry fruits

Achari murg naan $6.95

Mango pickle spiced chicken naan

Rice specialty 

Basmati Rice $3.50

Brown Rice $4.50

Coconut Rice $6.95


(Rice preparations steamed with curry, Veggies/Meat)

Jackfruit & Vegetable Biryani (Gluten Free) 16.95

Assortment of fresh seasoned vegetables, jackfruit steamed with

saffron, fresh ground spices and garam masala

Hyderabadi Chicken 16.95/Lamb Biryani 17.95 (Gluten Free)

Curried chicken cooked with steamed basmati rice, saffron, fresh ground spices & herbs

Prawn Tawa Biryani (Gluten Free) 19.95

Shalled parwns saffron basmati rice, fresh ground spices & herbs

Chutney and Raita

   Mango Chutney $3.95

     Bhoondi Raita $3.95

     Cucumber, carrot & mint raita $3.95

     Spicy Mango achaar $3.95