All employees should be actively encouraged to display utmost courtesy to customers at all times.
In all circumstances, customers should be greeted in a friendly way and with a smile.

Greeting Customers


All Customers should be greeted right away when they arrive at the restaurant
If the customer cannot be greeted right away, informing them of a short delay in service: “I’ll be with you in just a moment” is
far preferable to the customer than no acknowledgement at all.

Taking Orders


All servers must answer any questions customers may have, provide information about allergies and ingredients.

On no account should a server impatience with any customer who takes time in making up their mind and ordering

It is advisable that the order is read back to the
customer to avoid mistakes and miscommunications



Restaurant Area
On a regular basis at least all staff members should be trained to ensure clean tables, empty waste-bins, re-arrange any furniture, polish glass, brass and
woodwork, and sweep and mop the floor.

Table debris should be cleared using food service trays and emptied into the waste-bins. The table should then
be wiped down with a solution of cleansing agent

When mopping is in progress, a yellow warning sign
should be used to warn customers that there is a potential danger of slipping if the floor is still wet.

The manager on duty should also ensure that fire exits are clear of
obstruction at all times.

Toilet Facilities


A great number of restaurant users will say that their overall impression of a restaurant is determined by the
state of the toilet facilities.

The manager on Duty must enure

total cleanliness of floors, walls
adequacy of stocks of soaps, towels and paper rolls.
In the event that a shortfall occurs in either of these areas, an employee should be asked to correct the matter
without delay.

Customer Complaints

Complaints, which are brought to the attention of the management, should be handled with total courtesy
and discretion. All complaints should be referred to a member of management in any event. The vast majority
of complaints can be rectified on the spot and without major difficulties; however it should be borne in mind
that most people are embarrassed to complain. Instead they ‘vote with their feet’ and do not visit the store

Following these general rules will ensure that the customer will leave the store totally satisfied:


• ALWAYS listen to the complaint
• NEVER argue – nobody ever won an argument with a customer
• TRY to determine the reason for the complaint arising in the first place
• REPLACE food without question, if the complaint is about food quality
• APOLOGIZE in any event, but do not make excuses
• TREAT the complaint seriously.