Sula wines by Gehringer brothers

Sula wines by Gehringer Winery

Gehringer wines have been an essential part of our wine menu at Sula for the last 10 years, when we opened the second location on the main street we got in touch with Gehringer wines to partner with us and worked with Walter Gehringer himself to create 3 types to perfectly pair with our menu.


Sula has been putting in the extra effort with Gehringer Brothers winery during this pandemic to produce pleasant and tasty wines for Sula. Sula Rosé, Sula Gewürztraminer, and Sula Merlot, all BC VQA appellation wines, were made to complement the traditional dishes on our menu.

The Wines

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Gehringer Rose Sula

Merlot-Cabernet Franc Rosé

The Merlot portion finishes this rosé with a full round mouth feel. Cabernet Franc possesses among other flavours, strawberry and red currant that come to the forefront when vinted in a rosé style. Perfect with tandoori vegetables, chicken curries or desserts

Gehringer Merlot Sula


On the nose and palate, merlot delivers ripe black cherry, drak fruit plum, cassis and  soft spice notes. A touch of french oak and soft velvety tannins finsihed to a pleasing wine. Great with spicy vegetables or tandoori and lamb curries

Gehringer Gewerztraminer Sula


In this duo Gewürztraminer brings delicate spice and lychee flavors, and chrisp citrus notes. Schönburger lends additional nuances of spice, elderflower and muscat with a tropical flavors. A perfect aperitif or paired with paneer dishes


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