Restaurant Style Recipe For Dal Makhani

Dal Makhani is one most loved Indian dal. The term Makhani means “buttery”, which stays true to its name as it is cooked with whole lentils cooked, butter and cream and simmered on low heat for that unique flavor. Along with urad sabut, kidney beans are of

Sula Indian Restaurant & Vancouver’s Love For Indian Food

Canada is a pretty happening place for Indians who are residing over there. Other than the breathtaking views, the most-friendly Canadian city, Vancouver is pretty famous for the plant-based meal options offered to everyone. Vancouver is so much more for peopl

Tips For The Best Indian Dining Experience For First-Timers

Food explorers and lovers possess a profound understanding of flavours, and hence Indian cuisine seems enticing to many. It is always a good idea to experiment a bit with your tastebuds and give it what you have never tried before. It takes a tinge of risk-tak

Seafood Menu Ideas For Indian Beach Wedding In Vancouver

Weddings are once in a lifetime experience for the couple, and they often want to make it worth remembering for a lifetime. And beach weddings are a new favourite addition to the upcoming trends. People are opting for an easy, breezy shore-side wedding away fr

Top 8 Appetizing Indian Seafood Dishes To Try

Indian cuisine is popularly known for its distinctive mix of spices, taste, and texture. Indian seafood dishes, in particular, are mostly prepared with heavy doses of tamarind, cardamon, cayenne, curries, complex flavor pairings, and other mouth-burning spices

Elements That Make Up a Great Food Scene in Vancouver

The culinary scene of Vancouver is one of the most vibrant and diverse in the world. The region prides itself on the variety of cuisines it has to offer. Experiencing Vancouver’s food culture could feel like a culinary delight to the food explorers aroun

What Makes Indian Vegetarian Food So Irresistible?

The love for Indian Cuisine has crossed all the geographical boundaries and has become the most loved food across countries. Today everyone knows about Tandoori chicken, Rotis and Pav bhaji, Indian kulfis. People across the world are huge fans of Indian delica

Delicious Indian Foods Served at an Indian Restaurant in Vancouver

People who are fond of traditional dishes that offer complexity in taste and texture will surely love Indian foods. Indian cuisine offers a wide assortment of foods for different taste buds- complex recipes, sweet snack items, mildly seasoned foods, spicy dish

Popular Indian Non-Veg Dishes Served At Sula Indian Restaurant

For some of us a happy meal mostly means a meaty meal that satisfies stomach and soul. Indian cuisine is full of flavorsome non-vegetarian food. Each region of Indian sub-continent has specific taste and spices that go in preparing the non-vegetarian dish. In

Delightful Gluten and Dairy free meals served at Sula Indian Restaurant

Indian Cuisine is celebrated worldwide for its mouth-watering curries, aroma, and diverse flavors. The use of cardamom, tamarind, cumin, and other pungent ingredients gives the curry, rice, and other dishes a touch of authentic Indian food. What are Gluten-Fre