From Sula’s Kitchen Comes a Delicious Traditional Indian Butter Chicken Recipe

Butter chicken is one of the most popular curries in Vancouver, and you can get it at almost any Indian restaurant. Sula's Kitchen brings a fantastic butter chicken recipe that you should try right now.

Experience the diversity of Traditional Indian Food At Sula Indian Restaurant

We've included a diverse range of foods that go beyond what you'd expect from other well-known eateries in Vancouver. Feel at ease and enjoy Indian cuisine in Vancouver at Sula Indian restaurant.

Tips For The Best Indian Dining Experience For First-Timers

If you are going to experience authentic Indian food for the first time ever, take into account the following tips. Visit Sula, we offer a wide range of traditional Indian food.

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How has Sula Indian Restaurant prepped to welcome guests amid COVID-19?

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Tracking Down the History of Biryani

The word Biryani means “Fried before cooking” which comes from Persian word birian. Know how this amazing dish came into existence & finally reached the restaurant in Vancouver.

Indian Food Equivalents For American Favorites

Much of Western civilization contains meat But you can now savor these dishes in form of Indian cuisines. Relish authentic Indian food at Sula.

The Lip-Smacking Dish Of Chana Masala & The Spices of India

Whether you want to eat a snack, main meal or even breakfast, chana masala mostly goes for it all, and you can find it in any Indian food restaurant easily. Here is the recipe for it with simple steps.

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A Curious History of Curry

Curry isn't so much a taste, an ingredient, or a generic term for spice blends in India. (That's masala) Instead, it's used to indicate gravy-based—or moist—dishes on English-language menus.