A Curious History of Curry

Curry isn't so much a taste, an ingredient, or a generic term for spice blends in India. (That's masala) Instead, it's used to indicate gravy-based—or moist—dishes on English-language menus.

Maggi, One of Vancouver’s Top Food Bloggers Visits Sula

We were delighted to welcome Maggi, a well-known Vancouver food blogger, to Sula for a tasting! Here's what she had to say about the whole thing.

Top Must-Try Dishes at Sula Indian Restaurant

Although we suggest you try everything on the menu to pick your favourites, we have put together a list of the top 10 must-try dishes at Sula.

Sula Receives Westender’s 2017 Annual Best Of The City Dining Award!

Blog: Sula Receives Westender's 2017 Annual Best Of The City Dining Award. Best rated Indian restaurant in Vancouver, BC. Authentic Indian Food Vancouver BC

Areta, the Foodgressing Food Blogger Visits Sula

Areta, the Foodgressing Food Blogger Visits Sula. Read about her experience as she shares with the team of Sula Indian restaurant.

Bitemevancouver Food Blogger Visits Sula Indian Restaurant

Bitemevancouver Food Blogger aka Clarissa Visits Sula. Read the experience shared by Clarissa on her visit to Sula Indian Restaurant.

What Makes Sula’s Food Authentic?

Sula's chefs pay close attention to flavour nuances and take their time preparing each dish to achieve the perfect balance of flavours.

Key Ingredients for the Best Indian Dish Flavours

Checkout the key ingredients for the best Indian dish flavours and how Sula uses them for serving the best Indian cuisine in Vancouver.

Canada Day 2017: A Day of Fun and Celebration

Come to Sula for an energising and delicious meal after participating in the incredible Canada 150 events our wonderful city has to offer!

How to Make Malabar Fish Curry Recipe in 8 Easy Steps

Do you want to make Malabar fish curry in eight simple steps ? Find all ingredients and method to cook Malabar Fish Curry along with preparation & cooking time.